Sri Lankan squash curry aka ‘The Wattakka’

by Emma

Hello spice hounds. I mentioned the Wattakka in my last post, (at The Spicery we all quite fancy it as the latest move on the dance floor, but alas nothing quite so exhilarating) a traditional Sri Lankan preparation of squash or pumpkin, along with coconut milk. (I also mentioned photos, so if you’re anything like me and spend countless hours salivating over photos of food, own up, below are a few snaps of the week). Wattakka involves cinnamon quills, curry leaves, mustard seeds and a fiery and darkly roasted Sri Lankan curry powder, no less than you would expect of a Sri Lankan dish. I knocked up some ‘mallung’ a combo of shredded greens and sliced onions, lightly spiced and fried to have on the side, and a fiery coriander chutney, as it was a monday and we needed a kick…

In progress…
And we’re there! Sorry carnivores this one’s for the veggies.

Gratuitous meat photo. (To keep the carnivores happy).

These are Turkish shish kebabs, a meaty, spicy celebration of non vegetable lovliness. MMmmmm…
As we speak the boys are filling the latest spice boxes with said kebab (sides et al) and delicious spices from the Levant. Get ready to be filled with the mysterious, er, wonder and um, thrill of, KEBABS!! ( Ok, ok, maybe not so mysterious, but they taste fantastic and we all love them).

Tess looking happier than I fear she was, eating her 5th curry of the week, (not quite the job perk it would appear to be, please can I eat something bland now?!)

Until next time…

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