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tarka dahltarka dahl

Yellow dahl is a well loved and simple everyday dish in India
as it’s cheap to make and incredibly satisfying and nutritious. Tarka dahl is a slightly enhanced version, where the basic yellow dahl is embellished with a tarka at the end (tarka being the method of frying spices in oil or butter to release their full
flavour and then adding them to the final dish).

tarka dahl

you need: 400g red lentils, 20g butter
small piece of ginger,

kit contents: ground coriander, turmeric, ground cumin.mustard seeds, pinch of asafoetida, long chillies, curry leaves.

preparation time: 5 minutes plus 45 minutes cooking time

heat rating: 1/5

good with: rose petal lamb, prawn madras, lamb balti, methi chicken,

equipment needed:

serves: at least 4!

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