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urfa chilli flakesurfa chilli pepper flakes

origin: Turkey
heat: 5/10

Small dark flakes of the famous Urfa or Isot chilli pepper from Turkey with a fantastic sweet, slightly smoky flavour with elements of dried fruit and even tobacco. Urfa flakes are made by salting and drying the whole chillies in a process where the drying chillies are covered to make them 'sweat' which ends up giving the deep dark flavour. The chillies are then crushed and rubbed with a little bit of oil to give a wonderful deep colour and delicious flavour.

uses: Use wherever you want a little heat in your food, pretty much any application! Sprinkle over your food in place of pepper or cook with them for more heat as the flavour infuses over time

good with: lemon, olive oil, oregano, cumin, garlic, coriander.

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