ajowan aniseed annatto black sesame
caraway celery coriander indian coriander small
cumin black cumin dill fennel
fenugreek mahlab mustard nigella
poppy sesame    

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origin: India

A sweet, strong anise flavour with a particular affinity with pork or seafood. Fennel seeds are often chewed at the end of a meal in India to freshen the breath and aid digestion and the seeds make a delicious tea when crushed and infused in hot water. Fennel is widely used in southern Europe in the fish soups and stews of France and the pork dishes and salami of Italy. The fennel seeds are also used in many Indian vegetarian dishes and are an important component of Chinese five spice powder. When toasted the fennel seeds are sweetened and given a nutty character.

uses: Toast a few fennel seeds and use to flavour a tomato sauce. Crush with garlic and use to coat a joint of pork to be roasted or fillets of fish.