amchur anardana asafoetida blackcardamon
Greencardamon cardamon cassia Cassinamon
cinnamon Cloves diedlime galangal
ginger horseradish juniper kokum
kokum mace Mastic nutmeg
saffron staranise sumac tamarind
turmeric vanillamedium vanillalarge
mexican vanilla
vanillatahitian wasabi wattleseed  


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origin: Grenada

The whole kernel of a fruit very much like an apricot, nutmegs are sweet scented and pungent. The flavour is best if freshly grated over your food at the table. Nutmeg finds its way into both delicate and pungent blends from India to the Caribbean via the Middle East and North Africa and is traditionally used in Europe to flavour anything from bechamel sauce to green vegetables and sweet biscuits.

uses: Grate nutmeg over steamed green vegetables, particularly spinach. Delicious in cheese sauces or mashed potato.