Nepalese village

The Himalayan Menu

by Maisie on 29th June 2018

Finding out what's on the menus in the mountains of Nepal!

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nutmeg in zanzibar

How I found ‘The One’ on Zanzibar…

by Joe on 13th June 2018

...the search for the best curry!

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Chinese fish market in Singapore

Singapore - Where the World’s Different Curries Meet

by Tim on 9th April 2018

Exploring the history of what's shared between all of the different cuisines in Singapore - curry!

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chai wallah in Old Delhi

Dining in Delhi (without the dreaded belly!)

by James on 18th March 2018

James samples some incredible street food in Old Delhi

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cooking course in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's Rich And Vibrant Sights, Smells And Tastes

by Maisie on 15th January 2018

Dan visits Sri Lanka, a country full of beauty, diversity and most importantly for this travel blog…spices!

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A journey of discovery in Addis Ababa

by James on 3rd December 2017

James savours the surprising (and delicious!) food of Ethiopia!

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nutmeg harvesting

A Spice Tour Of The Isle Of Spice...

by Maisie on 5th November 2017

Maisie travels out to Grenada to discover how nutmeg is grown and processed on the small caribbean island...

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Las Peñas - Guayaquil

Recalling some of the tastiest Ecuadorian flavours

by Maria on 25th July 2017

Maria goes back to Ecuador to visit family and gets inspired by the flavours of Ecuadorian cuisine

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streets in Chennai

Chennai - Chicken 65 & the East India Company

by James on 23rd February 2017

James goes to Chennai - formerly known as Madras

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Black Gold - the Pepper plantations of Southern India

by James on 19th February 2017

James discovers peppercorns (the worlds most traded spice!) in Southern India

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