Recalling some of the tastiest Ecuadorian flavours

by on 25th July 2017

Maria goes back to Ecuador to visit family and gets inspired by the flavours of Ecuadorian cuisine

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Chennai - Chicken 65 & the East India Company

by James on 23rd February 2017

James goes to Chennai - formerly known as Madras

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Black Gold - the Pepper plantations of Southern India

by James on 19th February 2017

James discovers peppercorns (the worlds most traded spice!) in Southern India

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Exploring Yucatan Street Food in Mexico

by Robyn on 24th January 2017

Robyn visits the Yucatan peninsula in search of exciting street food

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Bodinayakanur - India's Cardamon Capital

by James on 30th December 2016

James checks out the cardamon trade in India's main marketplace

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Cape Town - the tavern of the seas!

by James on 15th December 2016

James explores a city full of culinary surprises...

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Beyond Green Curry - Northern (Lanna) Thai Cuisine

by Alice on 13th December 2016

Alice discovers how Thai food relies on a balancing act of sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter flavours

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Gifty's culinary tour of Ghana

by on 28th September 2016

Gifty describes the delicacies of Ghana's various regions

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Euro's, Spices and Bouillabaisse: A culinary adventure in Marseille

by on 27th July 2016

Tung's account of food and fun in the Mediterranean sun

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The Mystical Peruvian chilli pepper and the spicy flavour of death

by on 21st July 2016

Toby's travels to the furthest reaches of South America

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