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Decembake 2019

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Written by James
Published on 2nd January 2020 at 15:15 • No comments yet, be the first!

What better feeling is there than when co-workers bring in baked treats every day of the week for an entire month?

Here at Spicery HQ, we celebrate our favourite time of the year with our annual staff bake-off, Decembake! Staff members each take turns in making a spicy twist on any baked treat, and then we all get a taste at our 11 AM coffee break. The person with the highest average score wins! Here are some highlights of this year's treats:

First up was Kayleigh, who impressed us with vegan raspberry and blueberry muffins with white chocolate chips, flavoured with clove and citrus...then came Rob's un-FIG-gettable spiced fig and coffee cake!

As the days progressed, the competition grew more intense! Robyn whipped up a melt-in-your-mouth millionaire chai shortbread, AND vegan chai hot chocolate served on the side while Jack sculpted a mini white chocolate and marshmallow Buddha!

Rhys stole the show on Instagram with his cinnamon infused raspberry and chocolate brownies...

...and boss man James was the first to create a savory bake with his Mexican Sonaron Hotdogs (this one was so good it might even be featured as a recipe in an upcoming spicebox!).

But the bake that jingled all our bells was Alice's focaccia, made with parsley, Stilton cheese and bacon (smoked tofu and red onions for the vegans!)

All in all, another good year of baking - follow us on Instagram for the full line-up of everyone's homemade treats! @the_spicery

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