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It's all coming together for the new cookbook!

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Published on 30th July 2018 at 10:19 • No comments yet, be the first!

We've been adding the final touches to our upcoming Curry Legend World Curries cookbook, due to be launched in October! Everything is coming along nicely as photographers Mike and Steph joined us here at Spicery HQ for an intense two-week photograhy session! 

Chef Alice and spicerer Amy have been busy in the kitchen cooking all of the dishes from the new book...

...while Mike and Steph plated, arranged and snapped photos!

Some of our decorative fabrics used in the shoot and a sneak peak at editing...


We've even added a few photos to our collection in the kitchen already!

Like our original How to be a Curry Legend cookbook, every recipe in the upcoming Curry Legend World Curries cookbook will be accompanied by a full colour photo!

And don't forget that the new cookbook is still on pre-sale, so if you still haven't ordered yours for delivery in October, you better hurry up and take advantage of the pre-sale discount!


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