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Published on 5th September 2017 at 13:09 • No comments yet, be the first!

Dan - Meat Free Magic - Gujarati Thali

I wasn't completely sure what to expect when reading through the recipe for this kit, but I liked the idea of having lots of different dishes to mix and match so was really looking forward to testing it out.

Each individual dish was pretty straightforward to make however I did tend to flap around the kitchen as there was so much going on, so many pans on the boil and not enough hands or eyes at moments!

I’ve tried (and loved) the raisin chutney in the spicery kitchen before so was really looking forward to making the date chutney (which did not disappoint). All the flavours of each individual dish really complemented one another and although I thought natural yoghurt and courgette was a weird combo it actually worked really well together! I was pleasantly surprised.

This recipe worked really well as a main meal and I was able to have leftovers for lunch the next day, always a winner. I’ll most definitely be making the chutney, bread and dahl again!

Robyn - Food Truck - The Spice Bag
This month i championed The Dublin Spice Bag, a future Food Truck Box! What's better than mixing Chinese chicken balls, sticky pork, curry sauce & chips?!
After a tiring game of football on Sunday I thought that this would be the perfect time to try this epic 'fake-away'! In my hungry stupor i thought it best not to do the prep before hand and try and wing it as i went. Looking back i think it would have been wise to follow the instructions & to minimise mess.. i did manage to rope the other half into helping with the washing up!
Everything was going smoothly until the curry sauce blending. I thought my trusted little chopper could cope but alas the curried water went everywhere all along my newly grouted tiles and all over the recipe. I managed to salvage most of it and re blend in my actual blender! 
The process of frying the chicken was quite messy, and found i had to fry it off in several batches, although the taste made up for it. We used triple cooked chips, and combine them with the crispy chicken, sticky pork and condiments, it was even better than anything i could have got from the local takeaway! Look out for this box in the next couple of months!

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