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The Spicery's Summer Festival of Flavour!

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Published on 3rd April 2019 at 11:09 • No comments yet, be the first!

This summer, we're hosting our first (virtual) food festival of 2019 - The Spicery Summer Festival of Flavour!

Starting from 1st May through to 31st July, you'll be able to visit the Summer Festival of Flavour 24/7 on our website, from the convenience of your own home!

Just pop on to our website where you'll find tons of cool Spicery games, giveaways, summer recipes and special offers, competitions, backstage access, demos, and more!

What can I do at the Spicery Summer Festival of Flavour?

We're glad you asked! From 1st May, hop on to our website to explore each of our festival 'tents':

Food and Drink

A wide assortment of Spiceboxes, Easy Kits and Blends to spice up your summer cooking!


If you can correctly guess the number of peppercorns in a glass bottle or score top marks in the Guess the Chilli Contest, you just might win some fantastic prizes this summer!


Everyone loves a hot summer deal...check out this tent for all of our offers this summer.

Field of Fame

The classic Wall of Fame, transformed into something even more spectacular this summer, with a grand prize up for grabs worth over £300!


Here you'll find some amazing behind the scenes content about life at Spicery HQ!


All the top tips you need for cooking with spices this summer!

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