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The Curry Legend World Curries Championships!

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Written by Elizabeth
Published on 31st May 2018 at 14:38 • No comments yet, be the first!

It's finally here, the competition we've all been waiting for...in honour of the World Cup, we're hosting the Curry Legend World Curries Championships!

From 18th June to 11th July, join us on Instagram for a fierce battle of World Curry recipes, where you get to decide which recipe from our upcoming Curry Legend World Curries cookbook comes out on top!

All of the recipes prepared in this championship battle are from the new cookbook, the Curry Legend World Curries, using the same special 4 Curry Legend blends!

How it works

We'll post stories on our Instagram page according to the schedule (see below!). Then the power is in your hands to vote for your favourite within 24 hours by clicking on the the recipe of your choice. The winning recipe of each battle will go on the the next round until we have one winner!

The Schedule

Match Highlights


Jamaican Patties show that 'dem ah run tings' in match against Pakistani Haleem! ...Read More...

What an exciting opening game, with a great display of pastry making skills for Robyn's Jamaican Patties and some impressive chopping skills from Joe.

Things seemed friendly between the two cooks until Robyn knocked Joe's lemon off his work surface, claiming an offside position.

The final vote between the two was 69% to Jamaican Patties and 31% to Pakistani Haleem.

Watch the Full Story here!

Thai Red Duck showed no lack of zest in crushing Malaysian Ayam Rendang! ...Read More...

What a thrilling match between the experienced chef, James and Maria, the Ecuadorian home cook (with little experience in making cuisines from the Far East!).

While James taste tested everything he could put his hands on, Maria initially showed some signs of struggle when making a bit of lemon zest...

But despite his experience as a chef, it was Maria who stole everyone's hearts to win this match with 77% to Thai Red Curry and 23% to Malaysian Ayam Rendang.

Watch the Full Story here!

Shots (of lemongrass) fired by Singapore Laksa as victory is claimed over Thai Massaman! ...Read More...

Things are heating up here at Spicery HQ, as we draw closer to the second round of the World Curry Championships! While we won't say that firing lemongrass across the room was intentional, we will say that Jess was rather proud to show how easily she could make a bit of zest....

Although Thai Massaman was a strong (and tasty!) contender, it was quite possible that Jess' colourful presentation of her Singapore Laksa led her to victory at 68% for Singapore Laksa over 32% for Thai Massaman.

Watch the Full Story here!

Japanese Katsu bid sayonara to South African Bobotie! ...

In the final match of the first round of the World Curry Championships, the extremely confident Elizabeth with her Japanese Katsu was ready from the start to wow the crowd and win the majority vote on Instagram.

It was not an easy journey (although she made it seem that way!) as Elizabeth sustained an injury when using her so called 'Trini method' to peel garlic.

Meanwhile, Jack had loads of fun soaking bread in milk (who wouldn't?) when preparing his South African Bobotie, which turned out to be a real treat!

However, it will be a semi-final between Katsu Curry and Sarawak Laksa, with 71% to Katsu Curry and 29% to Bobotie.

Watch the Full Story here!

A tense Semi-Final game between Thai Red and Jamaican Patties! ...Read More...

We're onto the first game of the semi-finals and Robyn pulls out all the stops with her Jamaican Patties, displaying her 'Jeera Bae' sprinkling technique!

It looks like the technique paid off as she receives a delighted response from the crowd after pulling the final golden patties from the oven

Meanwhile, an obstruction involving a complicated can opener causes Maria to lose her cool!

The final moments were tense, as Jamaican Patties had a narrow win! The result: 56% to Jamaican Patties and 44% to Thai Red Curry.

Watch the Full Story here!

The closest game yet between Japanese Katsu and Singapore Laksa! ...Read More...

Liz was determined to win from the start, as she began with some warm ups to get her into the zone!

Jess took a more casual approach to cooking "I've forgotten how many I put in...", though still managed to produce a beautiful Laksa in the end!

It was an incredibly close match, but Liz won out in the end with her Japanese Katsu at 52% and Jess at 48% of votes...Onto the Final!

Watch the Full Story here!

The World Curry Championships Final - Jamaican Patties vs Japanese Katsu Curry! ...Read More...

What a thrilling final match between these two amazing Curry Legend World Curry recipes!

The pressure was on to win the coveted title of Champion: while Robyn displayed a calm confidence, Elizabeth eventually broke down and shed a few tears....

The rivalry was as intense as the amazing flavours of each dish but in the end, it was Jamaican Patties who emerged victorious, winning 56% of votes to Japanese Katsu's 44%.

Congratulations to the Curry Legend World Curries champion - Jamaican Patties! And don't forget, all the recipes of the World Curries Champioinship are included in the upcoming cookbook (plus many more!)

Watch the Full Story here!

The recipes

  1. Thai Massaman - Prepared by Chris
  2. Japanese Katsu Curry - Prepared by Elizabeth
  3. Thai Red Duck - Prepared by Maria  
  4. Jamaican Patties - Prepared by Robyn
  5. South African Bobotie - Prepared by Jack
  6.  Pakistani Haleem - Prepared by Joe
  7. Singapore Curry Laksa - Prepared by Jess
  8.  Malaysian Ayam Rendang - Prepared by James


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