You too can Become a Curry Legend

Our first Spicery cookbook! Learn how to knock up over 80 different curries and side dishes at home with our new Curry Legend cookbook, workshops and 4 very special Curry Legend blends.

Our Spicery development chefs have distilled over 12 years of epic curry-making expertise into our new Curry Legend cookbook, now available for you to become a Curry Legend at home!

curry legend recipe curry legend recipe

The idea is a result of many customers asking for a simpler product than our existing subscription boxes that they could use on a weeknight, and that would also give the flexibility to be easily adapted to their own tastes and ingredients. We've taken many of our existing curry recipes developed over the years, and simplified them to be achievable with a minimum of fuss, time and ingredients.

To produce the recipes, we've created 4 very special blends that form the 4 essential elements you need to become a bona fide Curry Legend. By using them in different proportions within a recipe you're able to create all kinds of different effects - subtle variations in flavour, colour, fragrance and heat.

They're made from 18 different individual spices that are all important in Indian cooking, but when blended like this are really convenient to use, and also make it possible to create an infinitely greater range of authentic flavours than you'd be able to achieve with just curry powder and garam masala. It really is a step-change in Indian cooking in the UK and we're really proud to be able to present them now!

curry legend recipe curry legend recipe

With just these 4 Curry Legend blends you'll be able to cook ALL 80 different curries and side dishes in the Curry Legend cookbook, and also be able to play around with them to make your own fantastic curries at home.

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