How to Be a curry legend

The Blends

These are our 4 special Curry Legend Blends!

They're made from 18 different individual spices carefully blended to be used together to make ALL the recipes in our upcoming Curry Legends cookbook.
You can buy all 4 together here for £7.95 or individually below for £2.95.

All Four Blends

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Blend 4:

Haldi Blend - 60g

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Haldi is the Hindi word for the golden spice, Turmeric – a key ingredient in much of Indian cooking. Haldi adds colour and flavour as well as (purported) extraordinary health benefits and is the essential base for many of our Curry Legend dishes.

In our special Haldi Blend the Turmeric is mixed with roasted cracked Coriander seed to add a bright citrussy fragrance, dark toasted crushed Cumin seed to give a deep savoury element, freshly ground Fenugreek seed to add a bittersweet flavour and finally a pinch of ground Black Cardamon to add a dark smoky complexity to the blend.

Mirchi Blend - 50g

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Obvious from the colour, our Mirchi (Chilli) Blend includes a variety of chillies to add fire to our curries. Chillies vary massively in their heat as well as flavour, sweetness and colour and we've blended 3 different Indian Chillies in the right proportions to get just the right effect.

Firstly, bright red Kashmiri Chilli powder to give an incredible colour and sweetness to the curry but not much heat, then roasted dark Chilli flakes that have developed all sorts of complex sweet and savoury flavours as well as adding texture to the mix, then finally a pinch of hot red Guntur Chilli powder to give just the right blast of Chilli fire.

Jeera Blend - 60g

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Jeera (Cumin) is the spice that gives curry its characteristic soul and flavour. To be used as a base for the curries, often fried until the seeds pop or dry-roasted to give depth of flavour, the Jeera blend is made up of ingredients that any Indian cook would consider indispensable.

The Cumin seeds are mixed with brown Mustard seeds - popular around India for their flavour, texture and health benefits - Fenugreek seeds that give a rich sweetness to the blend and finally a pinch of dark earthy Nigella seeds to add savouriness and extra crunch.

Methi Blend - 30g

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Our Methi (Fenugreek leaf) Blend is the one that gives depth and fragrance to our curries. Used in a similar way to Garam Masala, it's the one that's sprinkled into the dish towards the end of the cooking process to retain all those beautiful sweet aromatic oils and perfume the food.

The Methi leaves are blended with freshly ground Ceylon Cinnamon to give sweetness, ground Fennel seeds to add richness and body, crushed Green Cardamon seeds to give that heady exotic perfume, a pinch of ground Cloves to give depth of flavour and a little roasted cracked Black Pepper to add a savoury element and a touch of heat.

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