Date Night in Chengdu

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30 minutes

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Chengdu is the capital city of Sichuan Province in south west China. The cuisine of the region is famous across the country and increasingly around the world for its flavoursome and unique dishes. Hot chillies and Sichuan pepper feature in much of the cooking and the term ‘ma la’ in Chinese refers to the associated numbing and spicy flavour. Here we've got a street food dish and classic meal in a bowl, dan dan noodles along with potsticker dumplings, pickled radishes and chilli sauce on the side. To follow up a decadent mandarin posset flavoured with ginger and Sichuan peppercorns.


30 minutes

1 hour 20 minutes





High Effort

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Chilli Oil Spices: chilli, Sichuan pepper, mild chilli flakes
Ground Spices: Sichuan pepper, chilli, mild chilli flakes, ginger, garlic, onion
Sesame Seeds: white SESAME
Potsticker Blend: chives, white pepper, ginger, Sichuan pepper, garlic, onion
Chilli Sauce Spices: red bell pepper, chilli, garlic, mild chilli, onion
Pickle Blend: ginger, garlic
Posset Spices: Sichuan pepper, ginger, bitter orange

May contain traces of celery and mustard
Allergens are listed in CAPITALS

250g pork mince
1 bunch of spring onions
150g greens (eg tenderstem broccoli, spring greens or pak choi)
100g radishes
2 cloves of garlic
4 mandarins or clementines
½ lemon
175ml double cream
80g sugar
1 tbsp tomato puree
75g plain flour
60ml soy sauce (any type)
85ml vinegar (rice or white wine vinegar is best)
100ml oil (sunflower or vegetable oil is best)
Dried egg noodles for 2

Product Rating (13):


Absolutely delicious box, the posset was perfect to cool down after the very spicy noodles! The potstickers were so nice that they disappeared before we could get a picture.

Matthew Hanley View More

Woah the mandarin posset looks like a work of art it's (almost) too beautiful to eat! Glad you enjoyed the delicious array of flavours!


Made a vegan version of date night in Chengdu with quorn mince and coconut cream. Swapped carrots for radish pickles as that’s what we had in. Absolutely delicious.

Katrina Williams View More

Everything looks veg-tastic! The potstickers are perfectly shaped and it sounds delicious with carrots too!


The noodles were amazing - really enjoyed these and the pickles were such a nice and refreshing addition. I felt the potstickers could have had more flavour and the posset was very sweet which made the meal overall not ‘as’ great as normal from the Spicery

Amy Sharrock View More

Glad you really enjoyed the noodles and pickles. With these recipes we always try to have a full range of different, delicious flavours and contrasts- in this case spicy Dan Dan Noodles with a refreshing posset to cool down afterwards, so apologies if you found the posset a bit too sweet this time! Thanks for your feedback and happy spicing!


A great (and very spicy!) meal :) Thank you so much, we loved it!

Meytal Rapoport Lavie View More

Glad this meal was really enjoyed! Everything looks so tasty- we could eat oodles of those noodles!


This is hands down the best month so far. I'm honestly so upset that I could have been making potstickers my entire life nd haven't. Every bit of this meal was top notch- to the point where I can't even believe I cooked it.

Sandra Smith View More

Wow, what great feedback! Thanks Sandra! Here's to making potstickers for the rest of your life!


We really enjoyed this.... very proud of our potstickers

Ellie Tipping View More

They look brilliant, Ellie! Happy spicing!


Really loved this recipe, the potstickers were great, but need to work on my pleating. Love the 'ma la' from the chilli sauce and the cooling posset. Definitely one to buy again!

Julie Birkett View More

Great to hear! Happy spicing!


Absolutely outstanding!

Andrew Richardson View More

Great job, Andrew! Happy spicing!


I must admit I was fairly skeptical about this box and put off trying it for a bit. I was wrong the potstickers were awesome as were the Dan dan noodles that they went with. Definitely something I’ll have another go at soon.

Kirsty Connor View More

Brilliant, that's great to hear! Happy spicing!


Great noodles, I these again since following the 'make again' instructions - excellent.

Bert Quartermain View More

Nice work!


Beautiful mandarin desserts full of flavour My partner really loved the taste Can’t wait to make these again

Claire Thompson View More

That's great to hear! Happy spicing!


Bit unsure about this at first with all of the processes involved, but the instructions were really clear and easy to follow. Delicious recipies and food for thought as to our next 'date night's in Santa Fe! Looking forward to staying in!

Carolyn Worrall View More

Glad you found the instructions clear and easy to follow- everything looks wonderful! Plus we're loving the bright place mats!


What started out as a daunting recipe to try, turned into a delicious restaurant-from-home experience! Mandarin possets were out of this world!

Georgia Bell View More

WOW- everything looks delicious! Glad you really enjoyed this!

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