One Pot Wonders


Our One Pot Wonders make cooking delicious food, even easier. A few fresh ingredients and one pot is all you need!

Buy 6 or more One Pot Wonders in any combination and get a 20% discount!

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Veggie Friendly

Calmer Korma - Spice blend for an easy korma curry

One Pot Wonder - Calmer Korma

4.7/5 from 32 Customers

Vegan Friendly

Marrakesh Express- Spice blend for a fragrant tagine

One Pot Wonder - Marrakesh Express

4.9/5 from 22 Customers

Veggie Friendly

Rendang That's Good- Spice blend for a rich rendang

One Pot Wonders - Rendang That's Good

5/5 from 7 Customers