Georgian Supra with Chicken Kharcho and Khinkali

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The unique and exciting flavours of the Caucasus...


45 minutes

1 hour 45 minutes


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A vital part of Georgian culture, a supra reflects the country’s plentiful fresh produce and the hospitality of its people. It’s a huge feast made up of lots of different dishes, and is always accompanied by plenty of wine and toasting! Here we’re serving a selection of traditional dishes that use spices unique to Georgia - tagetes petals (known as kviteli kvavili in Georgian) and blue fenugreek (utskho suneli). Our supra spread includes a true favourite of lamb dumplings known as khinkali sprinkled generously with cracked black pepper, a rich chicken stew thickened with ground walnuts, roast potatoes seasoned with a special salt blend from the mountainous Svaneti region, a beetroot salad in plum dressing and finally a salad with creamy walnut dressing. Gaumarjos (cheers)!


45 minutes

1 hour 45 minutes





Medium Effort

Main Ingredient


Main Ingredient



Dairy Free

Dairy Free

Taste Profile

Meal Taste


Meal Taste


Khinkali Filling Spices: black pepper, savory, caraway, mint, thyme, green bell pepper

Walnut Salad Blend: marigold, blue fenugreek, savory, black pepper, dill leaf

Cracked Black Pepper: black pepper

Plum Sauce Spices: coriander, mint, dill seed, blue fenugreek, black pepper

Chicken Marinade: turmeric, paprika, cayenne chilli

Chicken Kharcho Spices: marigold, blue fenugreek, savory, black pepper, dill leaf, bay, mint, coriander

Whole Spices: cinnamon, bay

Potato Seasoning: coriander, dill leaf, blue fenugreek, smoked paprika, marigold, garlic, salt

4 chicken legs or large thighs
200g lamb mince
250g cooked beetroot (in vinegar is fine)
1kg baby new potatoes
200g plums
250g cherry tomatoes
½ cucumber
1 large red onion
1 clove of garlic
10g bunch of coriander
1 lemon
100g walnuts
150g plain flour (plus extra for rolling)
1 tbsp vinegar (white wine or cider vinegar is best)
2 tsp sugar
Bread to serve (optional)

Product Rating (9):


Great recipe. We ate the Khinkali before the photo was taken

Sarah Mumford View More

Wow, nice job- what a feast!



Harriet Fraser View More

Thanks for the review!



Raingard Haberer-kuper View More

Beautiful spread- look at that salad! So glad you enjoyed it.


Not bad but have had tastier Spice boxes. Roast potatoes very popular with the kids!

Christine Whyte View More

Sorry to hear it wasn't quite as expected- the vast amount of herbs used in Georgian cooking do result in more subtle flavours overall! Happy to hear the potatoes went down so well though!


We made this one about a week before going out to a Georgian wedding, great to see that at the wedding Khinkali was being served too! Ours definitely tasted just as good as theirs. Really fun recipe, we loved it!

Chris Bendall View More

Glad that you found yours just as good - happy spicing!


This was a real revelation - I'm a long term spicery addict but georgian food is new to me. Fantastic aroma and beautiful distinctive flavours, it made us both very happy and keen to try more georgian recipes. Please please add some of these fantastic georgian blends to the shop - I could be addicted to the blue fenegreek and sunneli.

Elaine Knox View More

This was a first for us too and we're really glad that you enjoyed it so much!


This was absolutely delicious, it is not something I would ever think to cook, but all the flavours worked so well.

Lucy Malt View More

Great work! Looks like the perfect comfort meal for all the rain we've been having.


With no chicken legs we used thighs with some peppers. It really worked. Croquettes instead of roast potatoes and a glass of red wine. It was a feast and we have enough for 3 more meals. Absolutely fab. Tblisi next stop.

Denis Christopher Lunn View More

Fantastic! And we love that you make do with what's on hand as well!


By far the best one I have had, if it was possible to rate higher I would! Loved the flavours and trying something completely different. Would 100% try other Georgian food now when before its something that would ever be on my radar.

James Buckland View More

We're happy to hear you loved the flavours! This is also a favourite of ours at Spicery HQ!

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