Do the 4 blends make every recipe in the book?


Each of our cookbook kits come with 4 special legend blends - these 4 blends are the only spices you need to create all the recipes in the book (you'll just need to buy a few fresh ingredients like meat, veg, rice)!

The Curry Legend Blends come with our How to be a Curry Legend, Curry Legend World Curries and Curry Legend Veg kits (refills can be bought here and you can use these blends to make all the recipes across all 3 books).

We also have a How to be a Taco Legend Cookbook Kit which comes with it's own Taco Legend Blends- these 4 Mexican blends can be used to create all the recipes in this book!

New for 2021, we have our How to be a Mezze Legend Cookbook Kit with 4 new blends to create all the delicious Middle Eastern recipes in the book!