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Each of our Cookbook Kits come with 4 special Legend Blends - these blends are the only spices you need to create all the recipes in the book (you'll just need to buy a few ingredients like meat, veg, rice)!

The Curry Legend Blends come with our How to be a Curry Legend, Curry Legend World Tour, Curry Legend Veggie Table and Curry Legend Chef's Specials kits (refills can be bought here and you can use these blends to make all the recipes across all 4 books).

The Taco Legend Blends come with our How to be a Taco Legend and Taco Legend World Tour Cookbook Kits - these 4 Mexican blends can be used to create all the recipes across both of these books!

Finally, our How to be a Mezze Legend Cookbook Kit comes with 4 blends to create all the delicious Middle Eastern recipes in the book! You can find the 4 Mezze Legend Blends here!

You can! You can buy them individually or as a complete set (Curry, Taco or Mezze). Buy 8 or more, in any combination, and get an automatic 10% discount!

You can find all our Legend Blends here.

We have opted to only sell our Legend cookbooks in paperback format so they easily stay open on your worktop when you're following the recipes. They are beautifully embossed and also plastic free which ties in with our efforts to reduce our use of plastic. This way, they also fit nicely through the letterbox so, if you're buying extra copies of the books, there's no need to be at home when your book arrives!

You can register your book here!

You need to add your name and email address and then the number from the inside of the back cover of your book with no space eg CL12345 (if you have bought an eBook, your code will have been emailed to you!).

Once you've registered, you'll be able to access the Legend Club where you'll be the first to hear about exciting promotions and new products.

You will also be able to start collecting Legend Points and earn fantastic rewards!

You can! Our Legend cookbooks are available to buy as Cookbook Kits, eBooks or as a book on their own (NB. you'll need the blends to make the recipes).

All your downloadable books and recipes will be stored in your account as well as emailed to you!

When you register your Curry, Taco or Mezze Legend cookbook (unique codes can be found on the inside of the back cover of your book or will be emailed to you if you buy an eBook) you will start to receive monthly emails with new, exciting and FREE recipes to create using your Legend Blends.

All your free Club Recipes (alongside all the other Legend Recipes) can be found in our on our Legend Recipes page!

If you purchase an eBook or downloadable recipe, you'll be sent an email with a link.

You can also find all your downloadable recipes by logging into your account and clicking on 'My Downloads' as long as you were logged in when you placed the order.

When you buy (or are given!) one of our Curry, Taco or Mezze Legend Cookbook Kits, you become a Legend!

A Legend, in our eyes, is someone who masters the art of making delicious curries, fantastic tacos and amazing mezze using the books in our Legend series. Each book comes with 4 Legend Blends, the only spices you need to make every single recipe in the book. Just add a few ingredients (such as rice, veg, protein) to make delicious recipes.

When your blends run out, you can buy refills easily from our website - so make sure you keep your storage tins!

Register your book to join our Legend Club and collect Legend Points (earning you special rewards!). You will also be emailed a free extra recipe every month!

When you register a Legend Book, you will automatically start earning Legend Points (earn 100 points for every book you register!).

You earn points for every pound you spend on refilling your blends, buying additional books and eBooks to add to your collection, posting Legendary photos to our Wall of Fame and more!

Every point you earn will be added to your account and when you reach 500 points, we will convert them into a reward code, giving you £5 to spend on anything you like, sitewide!

We also reward you with accolades and prizes when you reach new milestones - how much of a Legend are you?!

Originally, going back many years now, our Cookbook Kits were sold as hardback books in metal storage tins.

We reinvented them and created paperback books instead, that stay open more easily. These books also use less plastic, which is in line with our efforts to cut down on our use of plastic. The second generation of kits were presented in cardboard gift boxes.

We have recently gone back to a (newly designed!) stackable outer storage tin - believing them to be the most giftable and special. Each outer tin has slots for the 4 blend tins and space to store the book (still an embossed paperback) and measuring spoon inside too.


Don't worry!

On the most part we are able to extend these for you - just let us know the voucher code! If the voucher was bought through an external site (i.e. Activity Superstore, Virgin Experiences) you will need to contact them to see if they are able to extend them for you.

We’re always sad to see you go but of course you can cancel your subscription anytime.
Login and select the subscription you want to cancel then hit ‘Cancel Subscription’ on the right hand side, under Subscription Details.

If your subscription was for a set 3, 6 or 12 months (instead of being paid for monthly), it will automatically cancel after you've received all your boxes.

If you're having trouble cancelling your subscription, just get in touch with us at hello@thespicery.com and we'll cancel it for you straight away!


You just need to login to your account, click on the address tab under Subscription Details and then edit the address. Remember, you must make changes before the 15th of the month as we start processing that month's boxes after this date!

When prepaying for 3, 6 or 12 months we initially send the first box with a voucher enclosed. The voucher then needs to be redeemed for the recipient to receive their remaining boxes directly through their letterbox.

You can order the subscription using your address for delivery (and then giving the box and voucher to the recipient yourself) or you can have it delivered directly to the recipient (on a date you choose).

Either way, the voucher will need to be redeemed within 18 months, with the recipient entering their own address details to receive the subsequent boxes, which we send out at the end of each month.

Your voucher code will be inside the gift card attached to the sleeve of your first box.  This needs to be redeemed to receive your remaining monthly boxes!

If you've lost your voucher code, let us know the buyer's details so we can locate the order and find your voucher code for you!

Not to worry, I’m sure we’ll be able to help you find it! Just get in touch, letting us know the order number (if you have it!) and if not, the buyers name, email address and delivery address and we’ll help you get your voucher redeemed.

You can redeem your voucher here

Simply enter the voucher code, found inside the gift card attached to the front of your first box (e.g. M1234567-12FNCD), then enter your address details.

If you already have an account, your new subscription will be added and if you haven't, one will be created for you and we will email you a temporary password or you eill be asked to enter one, so you can log in to manage your subscription.

Absolutely! We come up with new recipes every month so there is still loads more to explore. You can renew your subscription for a set 3, 6 or 12 months. When renewing, you won’t need to redeem any vouchers, we will just continue sending out your boxes at the end of each month! 

You'll be able to see your expired subscriptions in your account. Next to each expired subscription you'll see a 'Renew' button - click here to set up your new subscription or head to www.thespicery.com/renew !

You will receive 1 box per month for the duration of your subscription. The duration will depend on which subscription has been bought! We sell 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions. If you login to your account and look under the payments tab next to your subscription, you will see how many boxes you have remaining!

We send all our monthly subscription boxes on the 27th of the month and they take a few days to reach your letterbox - if you haven't received yours, please get in touch!

If you haven't yet received your 2nd box from a gift subscription, this may be because you are yet to redeem the voucher attached to the first box. We send a voucher (a long code inside a blue gift card) alongside the first box, and this needs to be redeemed in order to receive all your subsequent boxes.

We send vouchers because often customers want to have the first box sent to themselves to give away as a gift. The voucher redemption enables us to get the receivers details so we can send all the subsequent boxes to them directly! If you no longer have your voucher number, let us know the buyers details so we can find it for you!

We have up to 10 different options to choose from each month so if you want to swap your box simply head to your account and click 'view and swap' on the spicebox you want to swap. You’ll see a drop down of all available boxes.  

You can also permanently change your subscription type from your subscription details page. This can be changed back!!

For more info, view our Managing your Subscription blog

Of course! Simply head to your account and select the subscription you want to delay then hit ‘skip/unskip'. You’ll be given the option to delay for up to 5 months! You can also revert a skipped box!


Ordering & Shipping

You can check the status of your orders by logging into your account.

If your order has been dispatched and still not arrived within the allotted time, please get in touch with your order number (found on your confirmation email) and we can send out a replacement for you. Please make sure you check that the delivery details are correct on your confirmation email before we resend!

You will find a tracking number on your 'order shipped' email!

We dispatch all orders within 24-48 hours (orders placed on Friday will be sent the following Monday) unless you request a particular delivery date! We send all UK orders Second Class so should reach you 2 to 3 days after they have been dispatched. Other delivery methods are available if you need your order sooner.

Orders are sent overseas using standard Airmail and are usually delivered within 3-5 working days for Europe and 5-7 working days for the Rest of the World.

You can check the status of your order by logging into your account and the tracking number can be found on your 'order shipped' email!

You can! You can enter a delivery date at the checkout, once you have added the delivery address details. We will send your order to arrive on or just before the date you select. However, we can only guarantee delivery dates if you pick the Next Day delivery service.

UK Returns

If you want to return anything to us, for a refund or an exchange, you can create a free Royal Mail returns label here!

Once we receive your order, we will get in touch with you (please make sure you include your order number so we know who you are!) to process the refund or exchange unless you have already requested which you'd prefer.

You will be given the option of printing the label off yourself or you will be emailed a QR code that you can scan at the Post Office and they will print a label for you.

You can find your nearest Post Office here


International Returns

If you live outside of the UK, you will need to get in touch with us so we can organise a return for you!

There are new rules that have come into effect when sending orders to the EU. We have been set up with the EU's new IOSS system which means we are able to charge VAT and Duty at the point of purchase to avoid customers incurring extra admin fees when paying for customs upon delivery.

If you have a subscription that was pre-paid for, we will pay the VAT for each remaining box at this end before they're sent out so we can honour the original price paid for the product so you shouldn't incur any charges when they are delivered. 

If your order is over 150 euros (£135) then you are required to pay for the taxes and duty upon delivery instead.

You can find more information here; https://www.royalmail.com/brexit If you want any further reassurance or clarification, please get in touch!

UK Orders:

Spend £10 or more and you'll get Free 2nd Class delivery (UK only). You can also pay for 1st Class if you want to!

Shipping on orders under £10 costs;

£1.95 for 2nd Class

£3.25 for 1st Class

£9.95 for UK Special Delivery


Costs to ship overseas will vary from country to country and VAT and Duty will be calculated at the checkout for you as well.

We send hundreds of orders all over the world every month but unfortunately NOT TO AUSTRALIA due to their strict customs regulations. Extra fees (from external courier services/duty) can be incurred on large orders that are sent overseas so watch out for this!

Also, we are currently unable to set up any subscriptions or send any orders going to Spain and Ireland due to a Royal Mail issue (which we hope will be fixed fairly soon). If you have any questions, please get in touch!

If you’re not happy with your order or subscription box (or want to return it for any other reason!) then get in touch with us and we will happily offer an exchange or full refund (orders only).

To return any unused items, you can draw a circle around the return address (The Spicery, 77-79 Feeder Road, Bristol, BS2 0TQ) found on the address label and write ‘return to sender’ clearly across the box. If you then pop it in a post box it will find its way back to us here! Upon receiving this, we will issue an exchange or refund, whichever you require!

If your order won't fit through the letterbox, you can create a free Royal Mail returns label here!

It depends on each product. We will take the priority to the products that have a large number of users and request for updates. In the event that Magento is updated to the new version, all of our products will also be gradually updated to be compatible with it.

I’m afraid the only way to do this is to place the orders separately. Remember though, if you’re buying multiple subscriptions to give as gifts, you can have the first boxes delivered to yourself to give away in person as the recipients will need to redeem the vouchers attached, entering their own delivery addresses for their remaining boxes.


If you’re buying a subscription, you can have the first box delivered to yourself to wrap up and give away as a gift. There is a voucher enclosed that needs to be redeemed by the recipient to receive the remaining monthly boxes and they will need to enter their own address details upon doing so meaning the subsequent boxes will be sent to them directly!

You can select a delivery date at the checkout once you have filled in the shipping address and delivery method (a box will appear beneath the delivery method section!).

Your order will be sent a few days before this date but unfortunately, we can't guarantee exactly when it will arrive.

You can add a gift message to any orders from the basket. We will print this on a colourful gift card for you!

We have beautiful limited edition fabric gift bags that you can add to your order to present any gifts you buy from us in!

Although the fresher the better, the spices will last in good condition for up to 18 months so the recipient will still have plenty of time in which to use their spices.
If it suits you better however, you can select a delivery date at the checkout so it’s sent nearer the time!

My Account

Don’t worry, simply reset your password and then you should be able to log in. If you don’t receive the email to reset your password there could be a problem with your registered email address so get in touch and we’ll help you get to the bottom of it!

Yes! You can save all your addresses in your address book and then select the one you need each time you place an order. To do this, go to your Address Book; and edit or add!

If you want to add a payment method for regular orders, simply add a new payment method at the checkout. Make sure you hit ‘save payment method’ so you can use it again.  If you want to change your payment method for a recurring subscription, login to your account, click on My Subscriptions and then the subscription you want to amend then hit the payments tab and add a payment method.

Recipes & Dietary

Absolutely! Our spices are all vegan so most of our recipes can be easily vegetarianised, even if they weren't developed to be vegetarian.

We have a Curry Legend kit filled with vegetarian recipes - https://www.thespicery.com/curry-legend-veggie-table-cookbook-kit and also a Meat Free Magic spicebox subscription

All our veggie friendly Easy Kits will have a green ‘Veggie Friendly’ badge on them so they are easy to spot!

On the most part, our recipes won't cause a problem for anyone with allergies to things such as gluten or dairy. Occasionally, there will be something within the ingredients list that would need to be omitted or substituted (i.e. peanuts, flour, yogurt) but if you let us know about your allergies, we can make a note against any subscriptions or orders and only send you appropriate recipes by substituting a more suitable box for you. 

However, if you have an allergy to any spices then our products, unfortunately, aren't suitable. All our spices go through the same packing machines and therefore may contain traces of common allergens such as sesame, mustard and celery. Therefore, even if your spicebox or kit doesn't have those as an ingredient, we can't guarantee that traces won't appear in the blends.

Any allergens that feature as ingredients are marked in bold on the recipe cards and packaging.

If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Yes! The spices themselves are vegan and most of our recipes can be easily adapted to suit a vegan diet.

Look out for the 'vegan' badge on our Easy Kits page for vegan recipes or if you want advice on substituting non-vegan ingredient on our other products, just get in touch!

None of the recipes are really ridiculously hot - the aim is to add flavour and fragrance rather than heat.

All our Legend Cookbook Kits are family friendly (you might just want to tone down how much of the chilli blends you put in) and as a general rule with subscriptions, the World Kitchen Explorer and Indian Restaurant Favourites boxes are more family-friendly but there's a heat rating for every recipe and subscribers can check each month and select a box that is most suitable for them.

If you have a busy family life, why not try our Easy Kit or One Pot Wonder Subscriptions for simple, quick and easy but incredibly delicious meals!

Rewards & Promotions

Log in or create an account to view your unique referral code, then share your Referral Code with your friends to give them 10% off any order over £20! In return, every time your Referral Code is used, we will send you a unique code giving you £5 off any order over £15! 

You must be logged in to redeem your £5 reward code.

Your friends will save 10% on their first order when they use your code!

You can find your Refer-a-Friend code under the 'Refer a Friend' tab in your account. You will be able to share it on various social media platforms from here!

Your friends will save 10% on their first order when they use your code!

You can use a promo code when you're at the basket stage of the checkout process by entering the code into the Promotional and Referral Code box and clicking 'apply'.

You can use a promotional code on sale items but you can only use 1 code per order.

Happy spicing!

Important Info

Whenever you checkout on our site all of your card details are encrypted and stored safely with our payment provider, Stripe, so no card details are ever held on our servers. 

As of September 14th 2019, we have enabled SCA (Stron Customer Authentication) for our site. This may mean you may have to provide a secondary means of authentication on payment through either our Checkout or when setting up a Recurring Subscription.

Our payment provider, Stripe, takes care of the authentication. You'll get a popup that will ask for either a password (recieved either by text or email from your bank), a pin number, a thumb print, face ID or a token from your phone. It will depend on the device you are using at the time.

Once authenticated the payment will proceed as normal.

A note on Recurring Subscriptions: You may have to authenticate twice, once for setting your card up to be part of a recurring payment place and once to authenticate a payment.

  •  Your Spicery Gift Card can be used for any purchase (either in full or part payment) on thespicery.com, but cannot be exchanged for cash, or to purchase another Gift Card
  •  Your Gift Card expiry date is 12 months from the purchase date. Any unspent credit on the Gift Card will not be refunded after this date
  • You can see the outstanding balance on your Gift Card at any time by checking in your shopping basket (type the code into the Gift Card Code field), or by contacting us directly
  • Any item returned having been purchased with the Spicery Gift Card will have the value of the returned item credited back to the Gift Card (unless the Gift Card has expired in which case a new Gift Card will be issued with the outstanding credit value of the returned item)