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    Big news at Spicery HQ! After a few years deliberating the best way to bring out a book, the recent Curry Legends workshop triggered boss James’ brain into action and the How to be a Curry Legend Cookbook was formed.

    For all you curry lovers out there, the book will contain around 60+ recipes – mainly familiar restaurant curries but a few more unusual ones for the more adventurous amongst you. It will come with 4 unique spice blends with which you will be able to make these recipes. The blends will soon be on sale on the website for people who have attended our Curry Legends workshop and the book will be ready sometime in May so keep your eyes peeled.

    CL Rogan Josh Photo RGB CL Pathia Photo RGB CL Madras Photo RGB

    A few of the red ones in testing – Rogan Josh, Pathia, Madras

    Trying out the concept for the last few weeks have been dedicated staff members Levi, Conor, James, Chris and myself (or rather my boyfriend to whom I temporarily handed over the curry making baton). Here’s what they thought:
    ChrisIMG_3103Steph (girlfriend of Chris) tucking into a Legend curry

    All the dishes took very little time and effort to prep and cook. At no point did I feel inundated with cooking related tasks and the possibility of it all going wrong. If anything it was leisurely. Simple enough to do midweek and a small enough ingredients list that you could spontaneously decide to cook one of these midweek without having to for an awkward midweek shop at a bigger store. All the curries fed Steph and I for that evening and her lunch the next day. It could definitely stretch for two meals but we are fatties at heart…


    Pakistani Nihari – one of the interesting curries

    Alice & Benny
    Alice – my boyfriend’s choice of takeaway would always be curry but I am pained to buy because a) it’s expensive and b) I’m often disappointed. These blends and book mean my boyfriend can now whip up a curry of his choice (even with a few sides) in under an hour and we’re both happy!
    Benny – it enabled me to eat really good curries as frequently as I wanted to. Which is a lot. A really simple way to make curries that taste like the real deal.

    Conor (our resident vegan who tried out a few substitutes for us)
    The instructions were easy to follow, nice and brief and to the point – I like that the instructions are not over-detailed, because some recipes you find demand a specific size of chunk here or an exact time of cooking there and can become quite annoying. I have found these recipes much more enjoyable to follow. The spice blends were super easy to identify and the names were good – I like that the actual Indian words were used.



    We all had a great time at the big Spicery Christmas open day this year – over 200 of you visited for our Christmas market, make your own curry stall, turkey kathi roll lunch and moor beer’s delicious Christmas ale. Here are a few highlights from the day…

    img_1033 img_1003

    Faduma and Maria serving a hot mulled apple juice to welcome the visitors.

    img_1068 img_1020 img_1069

    In the kitchen, chefs Alice and Matt hard at work making turkey kathi rolls with cranberry chutney.


    Jack and Levi were exhausted after washing up!

    And at the shop, we were three deep with curious visitors trying to get their presents sorted.

    img_1072 img_1048 img_1043

    Meanwhile, Tung and Jack were flat out at the DIY Curry station…

    img_1095 img_1098

    A dramatic overhead shot of the warehouse in full open day action…


    Thanks again to everyone for coming, hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did and look forward to seeing you again at Spicery HQ in future!


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    Staff Testing August 2016

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    Suze on Street Food India: Having been warned by Alice that this was quite a lengthy, complicated spicebox I was pretty wary – samosas, kebabs and curry all sounded delicious, but would I be eating before midnight?! Once I got home from work I started cooking at 7pm and got chopping potatoes and carrots. A […]

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