New this month - spice up winter with some tropical flava!

NEW THIS MONTH - we're adding a bit of Tropical (spicy) heat in January with our NEW range of Tropical Easy Kits. Bring the colour and flavour of the Tropics to your kitchen (and try to win a box of Tropical Easy Kits with our Tropical Food Quiz)!

Take the Spicery Tropical Food Quiz and be in with a chance to win a Box Full of Tropical Easy Kits!

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A Box Full of Tropical Easy Kits

A Box Full of Tropical Easy Kits

  • 1x Nasi Goreng with Chilli Sambal
  • 1x Zanzibari Curry with Date Chutney
  • 1x Jamaican Curry with Mango Hot Sauce
  • 1x Balinese Roast Pork with Coconut Sauce
  • 1x Goan Sorpotel with Pea and Mint Pilau
  • 1x Jerk Chicken with Hot Sauce

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