Blackened Cajun Chicken ~ Pecan Praline Cheesecake


Heart and soul cooking from the Deep South...


Cajuns are the descendants of French settlers who made their home in Louisiana in the 1700s. Consequently, Cajun food combines the flavours and cooking methods of simple American soul food with traditional French cuisine. For example, the ‘holy trinity’ of Cajun food - onion, celery and bell pepper - is based upon the French ‘mirepoix’. Here, this holy trinity of flavours - in the form of dried onion, celery, paprika and cayenne pepper - is key to the Cajun rub that seasons the blackened chicken. It also makes the base of the dirty rice (traditionally cooked with chicken livers) and we’ve even made a pickle out of it!


For dessert we’ve got a decadent pecan praline cheesecake; the praline dates back to 17th century France but instead of the traditional almonds, the Cajuns would have used pecan nuts - a delicious alternative and local to Louisiana.


Prep Time: 30 minutes - plus 2 hours setting time

Cook Time: 1 hour

Heat Rating: 2 (more with the hot sauce!)




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  • Cajun Seasoning: Paprika, sea salt, celery salt, smoke paprika, white pepper, garlic, cayenne, basil, black pepper, savory, thyme, onion powder, parsley

  • Hot Sauce Spices: Red pepper flakes, habanero chilli, garlic

  • Rice Spices: Onion powder, celery salt, garlic, sweet paprika, thyme, bay, basil

  • Pickle Spices: Mustard seeds, dill seed, green bell pepper

  • Praline Spices: Ginger, cassia

  • Vanilla Pod.

  • Base Spices: Cassia, ginger, mace, cloves, cayenne