Subscription FAQs

Subscription FAQs

Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions.
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How do the subscriptions work?

Initially, we send the first box with a voucher enclosed. The voucher then needs to be redeemed for the recipient to receive their remaining boxes directly through their letterbox.
You can order the subscription using your address for delivery (and then giving the box and voucher to the recipient yourself) or you can have it delivered directly to the recipient (on a date you choose). Either way, the voucher will need to be redeemed within 18 months, with the recipient entering their own address details to receive the subsequent boxes, which we send out at the end of each month.

Can I buy a voucher to give as a gift directly?

All our subscriptions are available to buy as a gift. These come with a voucher that needs to be redeemed to receive the remaining boxes. This means you can give them a box as well as their voucher, in person, and the recipient can redeem their voucher whenever they are ready (well, within 18 months!). The voucher includes your personal message as well as information on how to redeem their voucher.

How many boxes will I receive?

This depends on which subscription has been bought! We sell 3, 6 and 12 month subscriptions as well as a recurring monthly option. If you login to your account you will see how many boxes you have remaining!

Can I renew my subscription?

Absolutely! After your first subscription you can renew for 3, 6 or 12 months or you can set up a recurring monthly payment. When renewing, you won’t need to redeem any vouchers, we will just continue sending out your boxes at the end of each month! You also receive an automatic 20% discount!
If you have a recurring subscription set up, we will continue to send you boxes until you cancel!

How will the recipient know it’s from me!?

If you buy a subscription as a gift, you can write a personal message that we will print inside the gift card (sent alongside the first subscription box).

Are the boxes suitable for someone with allergies?

On the most part, yes! Occasionally, there will be something within the ingredients list that would need to be omitted or substituted (i.e. peanuts, dairy) but if you let us know about your allergies, we can make a note to only send you appropriate boxes. The subscriber can also login to their account each month and change their box to the one that suits them best.
Any allergens within the spice mixes are highlighted in bold on the recipe card.
NB - Although the spices themselves are gluten, nut and dairy free, we do use allergens in the building when testing recipes so we cannot 100% guarantee that they won’t have come into contact with equipment or machinery at some stage.

I don’t know my friends address, how do I ensure they receive each monthly box?

This isn’t a problem! When ordering a subscription as a gift you can enter your own address for shipping and we will send you the first subscription box to you alongside a voucher. This voucher needs to be redeemed by the recipient to receive all the remaining boxes and they enter all their own address details upon doing so. We won’t send anything else until the voucher has been redeemed and we have all the recipients details!

Can I pick the recipes I get each month?

Each subscription type has slightly different options but we try to be flexible and give you an array of choices! If you have a spicebox subscription, you will have 8-10 boxes to choose from each month (one for each spicebox subscription type). If you have an Easy Kit subscription, we will pick the top kits for you each month but you will be able to swap these to two of a long list  if you don’t fancy our selections (just login to your account to switch boxes on or before the 15th of the month before we get packing!).

When will the first box arrive?

If you subscribe for yourself and select the monthly payment option, we will send you a box on the 27th of every month (you can cancel any time). If you buy a subscription as a gift, the first box (including your voucher code) will be dispatched within 48 hours by Royal Mail (Airmail for overseas orders) unless you specify a particular delivery date. In that case your box and voucher will be sent to arrive on or just before that date. Please note that we can only guarantee delivery dates that are sent using Next Day/Saturday Delivery, which does incur an extra cost (calculated at the checkout).

When can I expect each monthly box?

We post out tens of thousands of subscription boxes, all over the world, on the 27th of each month!
If you redeem your voucher on or before the 27th (i.e. between the 1st and 27th of the month) then we will send your box out on the 27th of that month. If you redeem your voucher on or after the 28th, it will be sent on the 27th of the following month. All subsequent boxes will be sent on the 27th of each month for the duration of the subscription.

Can I send boxes overseas?

Yes! We send hundreds of boxes by Airmail all over the world every month (except Australia, unfortunately, due to their strict customs regulations on food imports)!
When ordering a gift subscription for delivery overseas, the additional cost for shipping the entire duration of the subscription will be calculated at the checkout.

What happens if they're out when a box arrives?

That shouldn't be a problem as the boxes are designed to fit through a letterbox and the contents will last in prime condition for up to a year! However, you can login to your account and skip a box if you know you’re going to be away for a while!
NB - All our subscriptions are sent in letterbox friendly packaging according to Royal Mail Large Letter specifications

I don’t want anything too spicy as I have young children - will it be appropriate for us?

None of the recipes are really ridiculously hot - the aim is to add flavour and fragrance rather than heat. As a general rule, the World Kitchen Explorer or Indian Restaurant Favourites boxes are more family-friendly but there's a heat rating for every recipe and subscribers can check each month and select a box that is most suitable for them. If you have a busy family life, why not try our Easy Kit or One Pot Wonder Subscriptions for simple, quick and easy but incredibly delicious meals!

I’m not very good in the kitchen, will I cope making these recipes?

We try very hard to make the recipes accessible to everyone and have different options available to try and cater for every type of cook! The Easy Kit and One Pot Wonder subscriptions all have easy cooking techniques and the spicebox subscriptions are tested rigorously to ensure they are achievable in a standard kitchen. 

What happens if the recipes don't work?

We test each recipe at least 10 times (both at the Spicery HQ and at home) before sending out the boxes so are confident each one will work right every time. However, if you ever have a problem please get in touch and we'll work out and explain what went wrong and send a replacement pack of spices so you can try again.

The recipient lives alone, will the recipes be too much for them?

The majority of our recipes are designed for 4 people except Date Night and Spicery Highlights for Two, which serve 2 (we also have seasonal subscriptions which serve 6!). They are best if made in a single batch, but all the cooked dishes should last for a few days (and many even improve after a day or two!) so even someone with the smallest appetite shouldn't have a problem using up the box contents.