World Curry Month
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World Curry Bingo!

How Do I Enter?

You’ll get one free World Curry Bingo card (pictured below!) with any kit or ingredient order made up until 19th March 2018.

Here's how to play:

1. We’ll announce one curry every 48 hours from 6th-22nd March 2018, check back at this page or on our social media!
2. Follow the game and tick off the relevant curries from your card
3. The goal is to get a Full House (tick off 9 curries on the card)

If you’re a Full House winner:

Send an email to or a message on social media with a photo of your completed card to claim your prize (to be one of the first to receive the Legendary surprise - details will be revealed on 22nd March!)

Today's Bingo Draw!

Sri Lankan Black Pork

In Sri Lanka it’s common for spices to be darkly roasted before being ground which makes their ubiquitous curry powder particularly intense in colour and flavour. Here we're using the curry powder to make a rich curry - which is also tangy from the use of tamarind - and serving it with a fiery chilli sauce known as lunu miris.

Vietnamese Curry

With our resident Vietnamese expert Tung moving back to his hometown of Peckham, his recipes live on in this special blend. It’s heavier on fennel than a usual curry powder and contains the all important lemongrass, kaffir lime and star anise for a taste that’s undeniably Vietnamese. Good eaten as they would in Vietnam - with some freshly sliced baguette!

Pondicherry Vadouvan Curry

To begin we’ve got prawns cooked with garlic, curry leaves and chilli to be scooped up with slices of baguette or poppadoms. To follow, there’s a curry cooked with a blend known as vadouvan served with a spicy tomato chutney. Finally, there’s creme brulee – the quintessential French dessert given an Indian twist with spices used to flavour masala chai tea.

Malaysian Chicken Rendang with Sambal Asam

Originally cooked by an indigenous people of Indonesia known as the Minangkabau people, there are now many different versions of rendang eaten all over Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore. The length of time the curry is cooked for determines how intense the flavour is and whether a saucy curry, like this chicken version or a drier version, often made with beef is produced.

Japanese Curry Bento Box with Mushroom Gyoza

Our version contains a Japanese tofu curry, sticky sushi rice with sesame seeds and a mushroom dumpling known as gyoza with gingery radish pickles, chilli oil, cucumber salad and a Japanese seasoning called shichimi togarashi to add tang, crunch and heat to your meal as you prefer.

Saraman Beef with Pepper Sauce

This complex Cambodian curry is similar to a Thai massaman curry - rich and dark with lots of aromatic spices. The origin of the recipe is the same - Muslim traders travelled to the region, bringing dried spices from India that were then mixed with fresh local ingredients such as lemongrass and kaffir lime to make the dish. It’s served here with a fantastic Kampot pepper sauce to add extra zing and heat.

Thai Massaman Curry With Nam Prik

Massaman curry is an unusual curry Thai standards using several different dried spices common to Indian cooking as well as fantastic fragrant Thai ingredients like lime leaves, lemongrass and galangal. It’s best served with plain rice, greens and a little bowl of nam prik on the side - a mix of lime juice, sugar, fish sauce and chilli used as a seasoning in place of salt and pepper on the table.

Mauritian Chicken Daube with Mazavaroo

Our main dish of daube is a chicken curry served with split pea dholl – the generic word for ‘pulse’ that here refers to the soup-like dish of Indian influence. Split peas are also used to stuff a cumin-flavoured bread (dholl puri) served on the side along with a chilli and lemon sauce known as mazavaroo.

Trinidadian Chicken Curry

It makes a delicious and rich curry and is served here with rice & peas, fried breads known as bara, stewed greens, a fruity apple chow and the quintessential Caribbean hot pepper sauce.

The important bits:

  • Who can play? Anyone with a Spicery World Curry Bingo card, which you get from any kit or ingredient order made by 19th March.
  • What do I win? You'll be one of the first to receive the Legendary surprise - details will be revealed on 22nd March!
  • How do I claim my prize? Send us a photo of your Full House World Curry Bingo Card on Social Media or with an email to
  • How will I be contacted? On Social Media or Email