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The Spicery Customer Feedback Survey 2019!

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A big THANK YOU to all of our customers who took the time to complete our annual Customer Feedback Survey 2019! We received over 4,000 responses with some brilliant ideas and suggestions, some of which we've highlighted below with key actions for the coming months.

Recipe Folder

We're working on a Spicery recipe folder so that you can store your recipes neatly and beautifully in your kitchen (or recipe bookshelf!). We hope to have this launched in autumn, so stay on the lookout for this one!

New Account Features

Many of you pointed out how hard it seemed to be able to quickly find relevant information about subscriptions and orders, so we've recently re-designed the layout in your account when you log in to hopefully make it much easier to manage your subscription or to view your orders.

When you log in, you now see your subscriptions immediately on the home page of your account, with the 'View and Swap' button a lot more visible than before! You can also view your orders my clicking 'My Orders' in the tab. 

Make this again Recipes

Our range changes all the time as we introduce new recipes which most of you seemed to enjoy as there's always something new to try, but obviously the downside is that it's really annoying when your favourite Spicery recipes go out of stock...! As we produce hundreds of recipes every year we can't really keep everything in stock, or make individual portions to order (because it takes too long!) so that's why we created the 'Make this again' section on all the recipe cards. The original blends that we make contain all kinds of ingredients and processing methods that are unrealistic to recreate at home, so we've tried to recommend more easily available ingredients to give a similar result.  

Admittedly it's still not totally satisfactory as either the recommended substitutions sometimes aren't close enough to the original, or they're still things you might not have at home so at the moment it's not quite working for everyone. We're now looking at ways to improve with a Spicery Larder list that we can share beforehand so you'll know which ingredients you'll need to have in the cupboard, and also by using a consistent list of ingredients the Make This Again versions should give better results and be much closer to the originals. Look out for this in the early months of 2020!

Easy one pot meals for any day of the week

We've got 3 new recipes for our range of One Pot Wonders coming in August, plus we create 2 new Easy Recipe Kits every month, so if you're hankering for a Spicery meal that requires less prep and cook time, give these kits a try!

haldi blend


Packaging was a big issue for many of you and it's definitely something we're very aware of! It's slightly tricky with some products that are sold as gifts, as the packaging is such a big part of the aesthetic of the product so there are some areas where it's very hard to cut down without making a significantly worse product, or one that doesn't survive the postal system in one piece!  However, as many of our Curry Legends know, we have been working towards making the entire Curry Legend range plastic-free by the middle of 2020. It's proving to be a rather more complicated process than we'd hoped(!), and we're not 100% on the way there yet, but we've made some good progress with the use of compostable packaging for the Curry Legend blend refills. Read about our efforts and progress in our Packaging Blog here.

Where do we get our crockery

There's a Bristol company - Collectively Artisan that make our colourful plates and bowls. Check out their website here.

Mexican Recipes coming soon!

We're working on a special collection of Mexican recipes for 2020...stay tuned for more!

website updates

We're updating our website to address issues of speed and layout this summer, so hopefully you'll notice significant improvements in speed very soon!

Recipe Development

Some of you were asking about this process, and you can see it all here and also read about our work with Refugee Action and BRR here 

Vegetarian Options

Yes, this is something we're working on with a wider range of vegetarian (or veg substitions) in the kits, and also the Curry Legend Veg book is due to be published in early September

Recipes from Suriname!

This is a new one for us, but we'll have a look into it!

Great ideas for the future

Finally, we've had some really great ideas from you that we would love to explore in the future, including a faster re-ordering and checkout process using QR codes; chilli-free kits, extra-chilli kits!, more meals for 1 or 2 people and rewards for loyal customers so we'll give these all some thought and see what we can do!

p.s. If you have any other good ideas, please do get in touch any time as we always love to hear them and your feedback plays a huge role in what we do and how we do it! 

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