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Robyn's I'm So Hungary Burgers

Food Truck Subscription

This month i got lucky and claimed the Food Truck 'I'm so Hungary Burgers' recipe to test out at home!

Being the biggest burger fan around this recipe was a little bit of me. It consisted of paprika spiced chicken burgers served with an array of condiments such as lesco relish, garlic sour cream, dill pickles, beetroot chrain, and crispy bacon with herb rosti bites and a beetroot caraway slaw on the side. Yum!

With this home testing i was determined to prep everything before i started the cooking (i've been caught out one too many times trying to do both at the same time!). It was all going rather smoothly until the dreaded rosti bites! The method said to drop heaped teaspoons of the rosti mixure into the hot oil, but with a huge bowl of rosti mix i decided to do heaped tablespoons instead as i thought it would speed things up - i was wrong!

Turns out the bites took longer to cook and in the end i had to stick them in the oven to make sure they were cooked through. The end result was nice, but due to my oil not being hot enough they were rather greasy!

All the condiments worked really well with the chicken, although i was missing the caraway from my tester kit which meant the beetroot caraway slaw was just beetroot slaw! All in all a delicious Hungarian take on chicken in a bun - but next time i think i'll stick to oven chips!

Jess's Valentine's Night in Morocco

Special Edition Valentine's box

This was probably my most favourite Spicery meal I've had in a while!

To make life easy, I prepped the starter and dessert well in advance, which I would strongly advise as it then makes prepping the main an absolute breeze. I'm glad I did this also because I had a disaster with defrosted filo which flaked into shards. I managed to cobble bits together using a surplus of butter as the glue and the triangles, if a little rough, more or less worked.

To start with we had Vegetable Briouats, spiced vegetables stuffed in filo triangles, like a samosa! These were served with a very fiery rose petal harissa.

Next was delicious saffron infused cous cous with a fresh spring vegetable tagine and chermoula lamb chops. As a vegetarian I omitted the lamb chops but the aroma, alongside the charred lemon wedges was incredible and the meat eater amongst us shovelled them down in minutes! I must admit that the meal certainly doesn't need the chops, I was stuffed! But they were wonderful, and why not gorge on a date night!

To finish was a citrussy salad of oranges and grapefruit, steeped in a syrup and covered in rose petals. This was probably my favourite course! I had made some honey and almond filo biscuits to have with this - but there was no room! So we had them with breakfast!

Dan's Trini Curry Veg

Meat Free Magic Subscription

This month I was pleased to get my hands on the Trinidad Curry tester kit. After having a taste of the vegetable curry and amazing chickpea fritters back in the Spicery kitchen I was looking forward to trying this out at home and it didn't disappoint!

In terms of prep this particular kit was nice and straightforward. After crying my way through chopping a couple of onions the rest of the cooking process was pain and stress free!

Both the chutney and salads were super easy to prepare and I was able to simmer the curry whilst taking a half time break that involved running to the shop and purchasing a fairly significant ingredient I forgot to add to my shopping list (oil)!

I really enjoyed making the pholourie and made sure they were golden brown before taking them out of the oil. This Kit is definitely up there as one of my spicery favourites. The fritters dipped in the tamarind chutney were delicious, the curry had loads of flavour and the apple salad (although hesitant at first) complimented the sides and tasted amazing. The curry is now going to be a staple in our kitchen and I cant wait to try it out again!

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