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Job Swap Week 2020!

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Written by Kayleigh
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The last week of July means one thing at Spicery HQ-  our highly anticipated Jobswap week! Our annual staff team-building competition where we swap job roles to get an inside look at our colleagues' typical working day...

As the spices begin to settle on Jobswap week 2020 and the test kitchen (almost!) returns to it’s pre Jobswap state, we decided to give you a behind the scenes look at this years Spicery swapping shenanigans...a creative, cook off competition!  

The recipe was simple: take two spicerers, mix together two contrasting cuisines from two countries, throw in scores out of 10, add a pinch of decorations and hey presto... trailblazing gastronomic trends like Thai-Pas are born!  

Starting the week off with some sunshine, was Jim and Miranda’s Jamaican and English fusion roast dinner- featuring Jerk chicken and tofu, delicious dumplings in place of roast potatoes, roasted plantain and abundant amounts of hot sauce and gravy to top it all off!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Miranda cooking in the Spicery kitchen  Jim laying out their meal ready to eat  

Jim Cooking Miranda and Jims meal                                                



Next we had Amy and Robyn serving us up Thai-Pas! Think Spanish tapas with a Thai green twist such as curry spiced patatas bravas and massaman sweet potato empanadas, our tastebuds were even treated to Thai Basil Sangria to wash it all down with!  


   Robyn cooking Amy and Robyn's meal and menu

   Amy and Robyn with their desserts Amy and Robyn's meal



Wednesday saw Dan and Marc swap the warehouse for woks and wooden spoons as instead of mixing the spice blends they were simmering sauces and mixing sambal spices to a smooth paste! With not one but THREE different types of hummus, classic falafels and pineapple satay skewers for dessert- this magnificent Lebanese/ Malaysian Mezze won’t be forgotten about any time soon!   


   Marc and Dan's foodMarc cooking    


   Dan and Marc with their foodDan and Marc's meal

Chimichangas and Turkish Nachos were next on the menu, courtesy of Jess and My Lan who made us delicious Turkish and Mexican cuisine! Things heated up when it came to dessert with Ancho Chilli Chocolate delights... just watch out for the ones with seeds in!   

   Jess cooking Jess and My Lan's menu

   Jess and My Lan with their meal Jess and My Lan's meal   



A double cook off on Friday then gave new meaning to TGIF with a beef and black bean burger bonanza! Big thanks to Chris and Adam whose American and Indonesian fusion feast included satay, sweet chilli soy sauce and a ground-breaking vegan cheese sauce made from nutritional yeast to pile on top of our burgers!   

    Adam cooking Chris cooking  

  Adam and Chris's meal Adam and Chris photo of meal  



Finally, as the sun set on another jobswap week we savoured the moment with Indian and Korean snacks! Kayleigh and Rob kicked the weekend off with kimchi bhajis, Dubu jorim (spicy braised tofu) samosas and kimchi pancakes, washed down with a well deserved cider or two- it’s safe to say no one went home hungry on Friday! 

Rob cooking Kayleigh and Rob meal  

Onion bhajis    Kayleigh and Rob's meal


Everybody's meal was amazing but alas there can only be one winning team, so during the week we scored each team's meal anonymously out of 10... and the champions of The Spicery Cook Off Competition 2020 are...drumroll please...

Jess and My Lan with their Magnificent Mexican/ Turkish feast!

Winning team Jess and Mylan

Congratulations Jess and My Lan!

Fancy trying out these recipes at home? Let us know if you'd like to see any of these recipes developed into spiceboxes/ club recipes!

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