Can you cater for allergies?


On the most part, our recipes won't cause a problem for anyone with allergies (gluten, dairy etc). Occasionally, there will be something within the ingredients list that would need to be omitted or substituted (i.e. peanuts, flour, yogurt) but if you let us know about your allergies, we can make a note against any subscriptions or orders and only send you appropriate recipes by substituting a more suitable box for you. If you’re a subscriber, you can also login each month and change your box and it's easy to check in advance which ingredients are included with each recipe. Any allergens within the spice mixes are highlighted in bold on the recipe card. Although the spices themselves are gluten/dairy free, we do use these ingredients in the building when testing recipes so if the allergy is severe, it might be best to steer clear as we cannot 100% guarantee that they won't have come into contact with equipment or machinery at some stage.