Secure Payments

Whenever you checkout on our site all of your card details are encrypted and stored safely with our payment provider, Stripe, so no card details are ever held on our servers. 

As of September 14th 2019, we have enabled SCA (Stron Customer Authentication) for our site. This may mean you may have to provide a secondary means of authentication on payment through either our Checkout or when setting up a Recurring Subscription.

Our payment provider, Stripe, takes care of the authentication. You'll get a popup that will ask for either a password (recieved either by text or email from your bank), a pin number, a thumb print, face ID or a token from your phone. It will depend on the device you are using at the time.

Once authenticated the payment will proceed as normal.

A note on Recurring Subscriptions: You may have to authenticate twice, once for setting your card up to be part of a recurring payment place and once to authenticate a payment.