Will my international order incur charges now the UK has left the EU?

Don't worry - since Brexit we're still sending and delivering orders to the EU as usual, but there are a few new factors to consider: Orders under 150 euros value (i.e. virtually ALL of our orders) will not be charged duty in any EU country. Each EU country does however have their own VAT rules - most destinations (the current exceptions being Norway, Sweden and Denmark where VAT will be charged on all our products regardless of value) have a minimum order value of approx. 20 euros (i.e. more than the value of our subscription boxes, Curry Legend refills etc etc) where only orders above that value will incur any VAT charges. VAT charges do vary from country to country but most EU countries currently have around this 20 euro threshold or higher, meaning that any order sent below that value will not incur any VAT charges on delivery (or duty charges as they'll also be below that limit of 150 euros) so should be delivered as normal at no cost to the recipient. You can find more information here; If you want any further reassurance or clarification, please get in touch!