Japanese Kuro Curry with Soy Eggs and Pickles

A dark and delicious take on one of Japan’s national dishes...

Japanese curry is traditionally made by cooking a roux (a mixture of flour and fat) with curry powder to make a thick and glossy sauce. Kuro (black) curry (most commonly made with beef) is made in a similar manner but turmeric and chilli powder are removed from the curry powder to eliminate any hint of yellow or red and seaweed (black laver), squid ink, dark chocolate or, as in this case coffee are added to make a striking black coloured sauce.

We’re serving the curry here with two types of pickle, furikake seasoned rice, coleslaw and soy marinated eggs.

30 minutes

1 hour 50 minutes


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WHOLE SPICES: Cassia, bay leaves, star anise
BEEF SPICES: Black pepper, garlic, toasted cumin
KURO CURRY POWDER: Cumin, coriander, black cardamon, black pepper, green cardamon, ginger, cinnamon, cloves, mace, bay, nutmeg, nigella, tamarind powder (tamarind, cornstarch)
FURIKAKE: Toasted white sesame, black sesame, chives, red bell pepper
SOY EGG BLEND: Chilli, ginger
TURMERIC PICKLE BLEND: Turmeric, chilli flakes


500g diced beef
4 eggs (any size)
1 large onion
2 cloves of garlic
Fresh ginger - finely grated to make 2 tbsp
100g radishes 
½ cucumber 
½ small white cabbage 
15g butter 
1 tsp instant coffee or 1 shot of espresso
30g plain flour
25g sugar
2 ½ tsp vinegar (rice, white wine or cider vinegar is best)
80ml soy sauce (any type)
3 tbsp mayonnaise
300g Japanese sushi rice