Blank Stackable Spice Tins (with Labels).

This is a beautiful set of stackable spice tins that can be used to neatly store your herbs and spices and keep them fresh!

These stackable spice tins measure 8.5cm x 4.2cm and can store up to 80g* of spices. They each have screw top lids, are hand washable and have a clear window on the lid so that you can see what's inside! They also come with separate blank labels to help you customise and identify your herbs and spices.

Get a set of 10 stackable spice tins for £20 or a set of 18 for £30!

*depending on the type of spice or herb

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From: £20.00
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Customer Reviews


Great way to store spices in my spice draw

7th July 2018 - See full review

Easy to see what spices i have and perfect storage instead of random open packets. Thank you

Iris Wallace - 23rd June 2018 - See full review


My spice cupboard has never been so organised and tidy.

Jim Green - 20th June 2018 - See full review


Lovely little tins - i didnt need them

Debby Oliver - 11th June 2018 - See full review


Product is great - started using them already, and it is so nice to now have the spices stacked, labelled, and readily accessible with a spoon.

4th June 2018 - See full review

Sehr sehr sehr sehr gut!!

Bernard Hucher - 3rd June 2018 - See full review


Cannot fault the service - it did exactly what it said on the (10) tins!

David Baker - 1st June 2018 - See full review


This has to be the best purchase that I have made from the Spicery, well almost - there are always the spices to consider too !!. Easily stackable, airtight lids and I love the seethrough panel in the top.

Edmund Stammers - 31st May 2018 - See full review

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