World Curry Month
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A Tribute to Curries Around the World!

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What is World Curry Month?

From Japanese Katsu to Jamaican Curry Goat, Durban Bunny Chow to German Currywurst, Spicery World Curry Month is a full month dedicated to the world’s love for curries!

Curries from every part of the world each have their own unique flavour - some with very distinctive local spices and ingredients, but often with a common history of trade and migration.

Indian spices have been widely traded for centuries, but it was the British and European powers who (inadvertently!?) widened the world of curry as they transported huge numbers of Indian and South Asian people to work in their new colonies around the globe in the 18th and 19th Centuries. They brought with them their ingredients and cooking techniques, which eventually mixed with local ingredients to produce something unique.

More recently, the (sometimes derided!) 'invention' of curry powder by the British has allowed generic curry flavours to be easily replicated in all sorts of unlikely corners of the globe, from fast food stalls in Germany to vending machines in Japan. We’ve travelled far and wide over the years to taste and learn about all these different types of curries - read about some of our World Curry adventures in our Spicery Travel Blog!

These curries have evolved to be very different from any in India but often share a common DNA with the spices used and cooking techniques. They're all now treasured in their home countries and of course we love them here at the Spicery. Judging from your feedback, they've also proved to be some of your favourites too, SOOOO......... (without wanting to give too much away!), sign up below to be first to hear our big (Legendary) curry announcement due later this month!