Ancho Chilli

origin: Mexico

heat: 3/10

Large, fleshy chillies with a delicious, sweet and mild flavour with notes of raisins or liquorice. The thick flesh means that the chilli is rarely used uncooked - the best flavours are achieved through long, slow cooking or soaking the chilli in boiling water to soften, then making a puree that can be added as required.
Ancho powder is a wonderful and convenient ingredient in any kitchen adding an incredible depth of flavour without any real heat.

Uses: Add the whole chilli or large pieces to a soup - then puree - or stew. Add a little of the chilli puree or powder to mayonnaise or sauces for a delicious, subtly spicy flavour. Use a pinch of the powder to season roast or grilled meats or vegetables.

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