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Job Swap Week 2017!

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Things really heated up (both inside and out!) for this year’s Job Swap Week with Spicerers changing hats for the day as well as gearing up for Friday’s finale street food feast.


Development chef Alice came down from the kitchen to crunch numbers with managing accountant Jack, who in turn got a taste of life in the test kitchen

Everyone rolled up their sleeves to gain insight into the inner workings of another part of the Spicery beast - even managing director James got to try something new with his first-ever ride on the forklift!


Warehouse operative Dan shows James the perfect place to set a pallet and then heads to the boss's office to learn what it takes to run a Spicery

Notice the trend of the office workers swapping places with the more active members of the team! 


Assistant Spicerer Conor gets a chance to proofread a recipe and then stands by as Chief Editor Andrea makes sure the checks are done before having a go at the spice packing machine

Friday's Street Food Finale

3 teams were formed, given 2 countries on which to base the theme of their stall then sent out to a local eatery to gain inspiration for Friday's party.

Jess, Maria and Alice head to a sunny spot at Middle Eastern eatery Souk Kitchen to make a plan

The teams were given the challenge of creating a main, dessert and 2 drinks (1 alcoholic and 1 not) to wow the judges, Master-Chef style. The first team - who gave their stall the moniker 'Moorish Menu' - were given Morroco and Spain, the 'Italian Food Kho' got Italy and Thailand and finally the '#1 Fish Bar' got Mexico and England.

As the bar had been raised so high in previous installments of Job Swap Week, the members of each team really went all out. Using 15 cans of spray paint, at least 10 pallets' worth of wood and other assorted bits and bobs, amazing stalls began to emerge in the backyard of the warehouse.

Adam and Amy work on the sign for the #1 Fish bar

The week flew by in a flurry of hammering, painting, assembling of menus and trialling of drinks. The rain during the week did nothing to dampen spirits - even though it did make it a bit more difficult for the teams to keep their creations a secret from each other.

Luckily for everyone, there was glorious sunshine on the day and the festivities commenced with gusto! As the first team prepared their food upstairs, the remaining two teams got together to assemble their hard work from the week. Exotic music and delicious wafts of food from faraway places began to drift through the warehouse as the honored guests arrived, eager to sample the spicy goods.

The finished stall of the Italian Food Kho; guest Mahin samples the arancini stuffed with Thai red curry duck served with a side of red chilli garlic bread 

Up first, it was the island-themed 'Italian Food Kho' complete with hammock and paddling pool for maximum effect. With a mix of Italian music and jungle sounds in the background and Tung decked out in his new and authentic Thai trousers, the initial efforts seemed to go down well with the eager crowd.

The Moorish Menu team all ready to serve their first hungry customer, Robyn

Next up was the Moorish Menu with a decadent feast for the senses - they offered a wide selection of Middle Eastern delicacies and Spanish tapas to tempt the tastebuds of the judges in hopes to secure the trophy for their very own. 

Robyn serves up apple and rhubarb custard quesadillas ; handmade labels on condiments all lined up and ready to go

Last but not least, the #1 Fish Bar wowed guests with its intricate attention to detail - including handmade labels on their condiments! They paired perfectly well with the fish and chips with a Latin American twist.

Finally, it was time to find out who was going to win the big prize and claim victory for Job Swap Week 2017. Who had done enough to win the hearts (and stomachs!) of the judges?

And the winner is.....#1 Fish Bar!! Congrats to the happy team members, whose epic efforts and shiny new trophy will go down in Spicery history.

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