Exciting Gift Boxes with spice blends and recipes
hiding behind each of the 12 windows!

From trendy street food to sensational BBQs, seasonal treats to zingy chilli sauces - these Gift Boxes will have you discovering sensational food from all over the globe! They make a fantastic gift for foodies, or a treat to expand your own culinary repertoire. Whoever opens up the door is sure to be delighted with their delicious surprise!

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Christmas dinner wouldn’t be complete without the ceremonial pulling of the crackers, followed by the excited chatter about what’s inside: the delicate paper crown, the small gift, and of course, the ‘Dad joke’ that’s so bad it’s almost good…

This year, celebrate advent with a BANG and pop open our 12 ‘crackers’ to find the surprise inside - a bespoke spice blend and recipe to create a truly cracking curry AND an accompanying joke!

From classic Indian curries like butter chicken and dhansak, to more unusual curries from Ghana, Trinidad, South Africa and beyond - just add a few fresh ingredients to create a delicious dish!