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Job Swap Week 2019!

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Every year here at the Spicery we have a week of swapping jobs and a team competition as part of staff team-building. First we swap job roles to get an inside look at our colleagues' typical working day...this year we had Amy showing Jim the ropes in the kitchen and Jim showing Amy how to pack the spices!

job swapjob swap

Meanwhile in the spicestore Dan explained to Jack the intricacies of  weighing kilos of spices in order to make all our the blends for recipe kits. Then Jack showed Dan how to be a whizz on excel.

Liz also took to the kitchen to learn how to take a good food photo...and finally Alice learned about website editing!


We split up into two teams this year to renovate a space at Spicery HQ - Team One chose the Entrance Foyer and Team Two chose the toilets! Check out these before and after photos and find out who won below!

team one - entrance foyer

Before the renovation....

The end result!

- A History of The Spicery Museum

- Live Wall of Fame photo feed

- Brand new Sign-in area including clocks from hot spot around the world

- In/Out staff board with full colour photos

- Complimentary lemon water and sugar coated fennel seeds

- Hand stencilled Indian print door frames

team two - toilets!

Standard work toilets, before the renovation....

And here's the transformation!

- Decoupage doors with photos from our Spice Travels (for Loo reading material!)

- Bright walls and radiators

- Shelving for spiced pot pouri and plants

- Bright toilet seats

-Coloured toilet rolls, bins, loo brush holders and flush water!

And the winning team (based on your votes - cheers for that!)....drumroll please....



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