Spicy Ginger Biscuit Blend

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Sorry this item is currently out of stock
Sorry this item is currently out of stock
  • These fiery ginger biscuits are easy to make and a joy to eat!
  • Ingredients: Ginger, cayenne chilli, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, allspice, mace, coriander, cassia, green cardamon, rose
  • Contains 1 portion (1 tbsp) - makes approx. 16 biscuits
  • Download the colourful recipe card below



These fiery ginger biscuits are easy to make and a joy to eat! Crisp on the outside and slightly chewy in the middle, they make the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon cuppa or a mug of hot chocolate, and will keep well for a few days in an airtight tin (if you can resist eating them all at once!).

SPICY GINGER BISCUIT BLEND (1 portion = 1 tbsp): ginger, cayenne chilli, cinnamon, nutmeg, black pepper, allspice, mace, coriander, cassia, green cardamon, rose

May contain CELERY, MUSTARD and SESAME. Allergens are listed in CAPITALS

Spicy Ginger Biscuits Recipe:

PREP 5 mins
COOK 30 mins
Serves 16

You Need:

110g butter or vegan butter
110g black treacle, molasses or golden syrup
50g sugar
230g self-raising flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda


Preheat the oven to 180°C/gas mark 4
Heat the butter and black treacle together for 3 minutes or until the butter is completely melted, stirring occasionally
Transfer the melted butter and black treacle into a mixing bowl then stir in the sugar, flour, bicarbonate of soda and SPICY GINGER BISCUIT BLEND until well combined to make a smooth dough
Roll the dough into about 16 tablespoon-sized balls then place onto parchment-lined baking tray and press the tops of each one slightly to flatten
Bake for 10 minutes or until the biscuits are nicely browned and covered in cracks then leave to cool on a rack

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Product Rating (12):


Got a sample with my order and made the biscuits. Makes a lovely Ginger biscuit with a little heat. Great alternative to just adding ginger to the recipe

We're so pleased to hear how much you enjoyed this month's free sample, Candice - the perfect sweet treat for autumn!


Easy and quick to make, a wonderful flavoured biscuit - with a kick.

We're really pleased to hear how much you love the wonderful, warming kick in these ginger biscuits - they look fantstic!


Absolutely delicious - even better than Borders and that's my highest ginger biscuit accolade. Proper levels of ginger, spicey with a bit of heat and great texture. Afraid there's no picture because we've eaten them all and husband has just ordered another and bigger packet of blend.

Makes a great ginger traybake as well - with lemon and ginger icing.


Delicious with a hint of heat - makes a nice change from standard ginger biscuits. Made 24 using a round tablespoon measure. Very moreish!

We're really happy to hear how much you enjoyed this month's free sample, Fiona - thanks for your great review!


This spice mix is sensational. The buscuits were easy to make....the smell, texture & flavour are glorious. The flavour develops as you chew them....warm spicy heat. The mix is a must for winter days. Great blending The Spicery!

Thanks for your lovely review, Rob - we're so pleased to hear how much you loved this warming, wintery biscuit blend!


Received a free sample with my last order. Cooked up a batch of cookies using the recipe leaflet enclosed - very easy indeed and results were absolutely delicious. My son said they were the best ginger biscuits I’d ever made! I shall be ordering more!

Hooray - we're so happy to hear how much you all loved this free sample! Thanks for your lovely review!


Double ginger!! My son, Gavin, made these - lovely and chewy in the middle with a real fiery kick!

Haha - great photo, he looks chuffed to bits! We're so pleased to hear how much you loved these ginger biscuits.


Just the right amount of spice. Delicious with a coffee

They look perfect, Catrin - and we're loving your beautiful mug, too!


Fresh out of the oven batch of spicy ginger biscuits. These biscuits are delicious with the right amount of heat.

We're so pleased to hear how much you enjoyed these biscuits, they look fantastic!


Here lies a cautionary tale with a happy ending. Due to the fact that some days, I'm not wholly concentrating when I should, I mistakenly made the spiced biscuits with a pack of 3 portions instead on one. Yup. I actually ate 2 biscuits and enjoyed them even though they were sooooo spicy. It was then that I realised my mistake. Tch, silly me. Rather than continue and possibly irritate my gut (an age thing) I crumbled the biscuits and stirred through lightly whipped cream. 5 hours later, I had a delicious desert. Next time, I will certainly make them with just one portion, maybe even 2. Hmmmm - living on the edge eh? Thanks The Spicery, we love your company and products.

Crisis averted! We're so happy to hear how much you enjoyed these biscuits (despite 3x the spice level!) and great job thinking on your feet to rectify the situation - the creamy crumbled biscuit dessert sounds delicious!


Just the best biscuits around! We have invited the family round to share and packaged some up for gifts... we always rave about The Spicery and after they approved of the biscuits we hope you'll have a few more followers in the New Year!

Those biscuits look delicious. Thank you so much for spreading the Spicery word!


Brew o'clock

Yum! We've always got time for these brilliant biscuits!

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