How to be a Mezze Legend

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The How to be a Mezze Legend cookbook - over 80 recipes across this 240 page book with beautiful colour photos of EVERY recipe included!

(The 4 Mezze Legend blends are not included with the book, pick them up here!)

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From moussaka to muhammara, baba ganoush to baklava, shawarma to shish - this book will have you creating your classic favourites, as well as discovering loads of exciting new dishes, using our 4 simple blends (not included with this item - you’ll need to add them separately in order to cook the recipes)

Mix and match all of the dishes to suit you - you can create anything from a simple mid-week meal to an elaborate feast complete with dips, salads, kebabs, stews, rice, breads, condiments and desserts... Get ready to transport the heady fragrance, romance and opulence of the souk into your own kitchen - it's going to be Legendary!

Not a Mezze Legend yet? Our Cookbook Kit includes the Mezze Legend Blends in individual stackable storage tins, as well as the Cookbook, a teaspoon and bookmarks!

Click here to read all about our spice travels to research different recipes!

Product Rating (49):


Wow! The Spicery you never fail to amaze us with your knowledge of spices. We were so excited when our Mezze Legend book arrived. It did not disappoint. We had a real banquet and thoroughly enjoyed every single dish. A whole family pleaser. Thank you

The first Mezze Legends on the Wall of Fame! It's great to see the whole family enjoying a Mezze feast, and what a feast it looks like - great job! We hope you love discovering loads more dishes with your new kit.


Hungry people waiting to tuck into shish kebab and mujadara from our brand new Meze Legend kit. They were much less grumpy after polishing it off it has to be said!!

Haha! When the food looks that delicious, we can't blame them for not wanting to wait a second longer! The kebabs look particularly amazing - great job!


I made a mini mezze spread of grilled halloumi with chilli honey, chermoula baby aubergines and kisir. All of the dishes I made were simple to make and delicious, particularly the halloumi. Can’t wait to try more recipes from the book!

Yep, that halloumi went down a real treat in Spicery HQ when we were developing the recipe! Great job with these dishes, Cassie - they go together perfectly and bring a bit of Mediterranean sunshine to a cold day!


Just to be clear, I’m not reviewing the recipes or spice blends, which look and smell delicious; the recipes themselves look great too and I can’t wait to get stuck in. I’m leaving a 3 star review because I’m pretty disappointed that (a) the book has become a paperback - I much preferred the hardback format of the original books as they stay open better when following the recipes, and (b) the tin is now a cardboard box, which after a few months of use is going to be battered and fall apart! The tin was a lovely touch and made the kits a great gift; I am now very unlikely to buy any of these kits as Christmas presents, which is a real shame, as the curry kits were always very well–received

Thanks for your feedback, Catherine - I'm really sorry to hear that you were disappointed by the new look and packaging of our kits. The reason we changed the book to paperback was so that it would actually stay open more easily, as you can break/bend the spine to hold it open. As for the box, we discovered from customer feedback that many people weren't using their outer tins and were instead asking about how to recycle them. With this in mind, we thought it was better to make the kit a bit che


Wow the Spicery has outdone itself again with the latest Mezze book. Tried our first 2 recipes tonight and we loved them Khoresht with dried fruits and Baklava. We can’t wait to work our way through the other recipes.



We mad Ezme salad, Piyaz, Hummus and Moroccan Tomato and Pepper dip. All 4 delicious, the first 2 brought back memories of past holidays in Turkey.

What a vibrant dinner, and that hummus looks so thick and creamy - great job! It's lovely that these dishes brought back happy holiday memories for you.


We may have overdone it on our inaugural Mezze legend dinner party... All delicious and work so well together

Wow, now that's impressive!! You've smashed it out the park with this one, Sam - great job. Happy spicing!


This is my third legend cookbook kit, I’ve loved them all. This one also does not disappoint. Made my first mezze feast for a couple of friends and it was all delicious- one of them even compared it to going to a restaurant! Can’t wait to try more

What a feast! This all looks really yummy, Sarah - we're so happy to hear that it went down a treat. Happy spicing!


I need more practice at curling this up - it broke apart when I tried, so not the neatest! But this is really delicious, and looks like it was a lot more work than it actually was. Will definitely be making this again!

It might be that the pastry dried out a bit whilst you were curling it up, but not to worry, as long as it tasted great that's the main thing! Happy spicing!


First meal from mezze legend and it was an all around winner. Batata Harra, carrot stew, green beans, piyaz and hummous. The green beans were a crowd pleaser. Not in shot are the lavash flat breads that were super simple to make and very quick to cook.

Oh wow, what a feast! We're very impressed, Sarah!


As usual very easy 1 pot cooking and turns out mezzin nom nom especially using a tagine there quite inexpensive

We're so pleased to hear how much you're enjoying our tagine recipe, Matthew - great job cooking it in a proper tagine, too!


Mezze feast to celebrate my daughter's 21st, including moussaka made with mushrooms, chicken tagine, hummus, shish kebabs, mujadara, spinach borani and grilled halloumi with chilli honey. Absolutely delicious and very few leftovers, so must have been popular!

What an amazing spread, very apt for a special birthday celebration! Great job, Francis!


We made lamb kofta, chicken shush, kebab chilli sauce and herb pilaf! Fabulous!!

This looks fantastic, a proper Mezze feast! Great job!


Not a great picture I'm afraid but family couldn't wait to try. All recipes from my Mezze box, I made Baba Ganoush, Borani Laboo,Grilled Halloumi with Chilli Honey, Gozleme and Batata Harra. All were absolutely delicious and had a lovely time cooking them. The Spicery has renewed my passion for cooking and I can't beleive the amazing dishes I now produce. Don't hestiate to get the Mezze box its a culinary journey you will enjoy over and over.

It all looks so delicious, Sheila - no wonder your family couldn't wait to tuck in! We're so pleased to hear how much you're loving cooking with your new Mezze Kit and that you've surprised yourself with what you can make. Happy spicing!


So easy and oh so tasty. first recipe from the new book but most certainly not the last. What a fabulous start

That looks incredibly creamy! We hope you have many more delicious dishes using your Mezze Legend kit!


Easy Hummus was exactly what it said - EASY. Thankyou so much, I will never buy pre-made Hummus again. Very little oil and no preservatives too. What a wonderful book this is. It will be going with some Spinach Borani for a picnic lunch tomorrow. Fab!!!

That hummus looks absolutely perfect - just like the photo! Enjoy your picnic lunch, and we're sure sure you'll be making this Easy Hummus over and over again!


Ten dish Mezze Legend feast for New Year's Even - we even used the sumac blend to infuse our vodka for some 'Sumac Martinis'!

Wow - this looks totally spectacular, Danielle, and now we want to try a Sumak Martini!


Really enjoying the new book. I made: Easy Hummus p34 Greek Salad p71 Kofte Kebab p82 Batata Harra p124. My 4 old daughter said this is now her best meal ever!!

What a fantastic spread, Ben - great job! It sounds like you may be asked to make this one again!


We love Mezze legend. I ordered 4 of the tagine spice kits because they are so good, then topped up with extra tagine spice mix. We don’t have take away meals at the weekend anymore - no need when you have curry legend/Mezze legend/ taco legend! Fake away all the way for us!!

Yum - this all looks amazing, Steph. What a great spread! Who needs takeaways when home-cooking is this good?!


We had a Mezze Family FEAST with Falafel, Sumac Onions, Cabbage Slaw, Baba Ganoush, Hummus, Laffa bread, Green Beans, Stifado, Greek Salad, Amba Sauce, and Tahini Sauce. Enjoyed by me and my husband, our 2 girls, Maisy 6, Florence 2, and my Mum and Dad.

Wow - a feast indeed! We're incredibly impressed with the amount of food you've whipped up here, and how delicious it all looks, especially in your gorgeous dishes! Great job, Amy!


My daughters, Florence 2 and Maisy 6, enjoying our Mezze Feast. Falafal, Chicken Shawarma, Merguez, Baba Ganoush and lots of other sides from the Mezze Legend book.

Oh so cute - we're really pleased to hear how much they enjoyed it!


This was my first attempt at a Mezze feast and we really enjoyed it. Highly recommend air frying the falafel. I can't believe I made my own pitta!

This all looks delicious, Sian - amazing work! Air-frying the falafel is a great idea, we're so pleased to hear that it worked a treat, and how good are home-made pitta?!


Chraimeh cod fish stew - Amazing fish stew with a lovely zing from the vinegar. Served with slow roasted tomatoes and new potatoes. Delicious!

Mmm... looks delicious, Philip! Love the idea of the slow roasted tomatoes and new potatoes as a side!


Mousakka, Greek salad and Green beans! Will defo do again!

That looks amazing, Kim - a Greek feast! Great job!


Absolutely delighted with this latest addition. I’ve made quite a few of the dishes and the results are excellent. What is really pleasing is that many of the recipes can be adapted or are suitable for people with a dairy intolerance. Also lots of vegetarian options. I live in Greece and many of the recipes are familiar to us but with a great twist plus the addition of Middle Eastern cuisine makes this a brilliant book. The spice blends are just fab.

We are so pleased to hear how much you're enjoying both the familiar and unfamiliar dishes in your Mezze Legend kit, Michael! Happy spicing!


Tonight's Greek Mezze selection. Baba ganoush, Hummus , Moroccan tomato & red pepper dip, Chilli & honey grilled halloumi, Batata Harra, Laffa and Manakish. All totally delicious

Wow - gorgeous photo, Abi! What an amazing spread, so much variation in colour and texture. Great job!


Kofte in Sumac Sauce served with Mujadara from the Mezze Legend Book. So tasty. Loved the addition of the sumac

Looks like a really tasty meal! It's great to hear how much you loved the tangy flavour of the sumac!


Lamb Shish kebabs, sumac onion salad and cucumber yoghurt. Can’t believe how quick and easy these kebabs were! Tasted amazing!

Yum - the perfect Mezze feast! Great job with those kebabs!


Imam biyaldi, tsigareli and herb pilaf. So very good.

That sounds like an amazing Mezze Legend spread, Sandra - great job!


Taking a break from Curry Legend and giving Mezze Legend a go. Not at all disappointed. We will certainly be cooking “grilled halloumi with chilli honey” as well as “chicken shawarma” again. Yummy!

That certainly looks like a delicious Mezze Legend spread, Teifion! Great job!


My take on a plant-based kofte kebab mezze. Roasted root veg with all the spices used in a kofte kebab added 5 mins before the end. Baba ganoush, beetroot hummus. What's not to love?

This looks amazing, Charlotte - great job! We love the way you've used adapted this recipe to make a vibrant plant-based spread!


It took a long time to cook but well worth the wait. So very Middle Eastern and simply gorgeous. We have now to decide what to have the second half with tomorrow. Something to look forward to.

That looks delicious, great job! We're glad to hear it was worth the wait and hope you enjoy round 2 just as much!


Red cabbage and the fab recipe (p138). Made some Labneh (p48) to go with it and what a lovely new set of tastes. The red cabbage needed a deal more time than the white would have done but well worth the wait.

Well done for 'raising your game' with this one - that rich red colour is amazing!


Yogurtlu Kebab (p101) + Mujadar (p160) made a great dinner + again tomorrow. the Mujadara was a real find. The Kebab we had eaten before in Turkey. Used Black lentils for the rice and added almonds to the kebab - just so good.

That looks really delicious, great job! We hope the yogurtlu kebab brought back happy memories of your travels to Turkey!


Boiling first was a great idea. Lovely colour and gently soft. Just perfect. I have loved Sumac all my long life since first in Persia many decades ago. This brings it all back.

We love that tangy taste of sumac, too - we're so pleased to hear that our Sumak blend brings back happy memories of your time in Persia!


No Pine nuts in the cupboard so used walnuts and they were great. All very tasty and so easy to make. Definitely will make this again - but there are so many amazing recipes that it is getting hard to choose.

We're really happy to hear that you feel spoilt for choice with all of the delicious recipes in the Mezze Legend kit!


Easter lunch with a Mezze twist. Turkish bread, hummus, borani laboo, cucumber yogurt, batata harra, green beans, roast cauliflower with tahini sauce, stuffed peppers and roast lamb. Coffee and baklava to finish. Delicious!

Wow, what a feast! So many wonderful colours and textures on one table. We're really impressed, Kim - great job!


The green beans have become a non-negotiable staple for us, fantastic every time and very hands off. The Laffa and Sumac onions are a close second as they’re delicious and so easy to make. Zhug (green sauce) was a new recipe and it was amazing so will be joining the regular rotation. Looked fantastic and tasted even better. We used green finger chillis so it may have had more of a kick than intended but it worked with the yoghurt sauce to temper it. We always leave something on our plates or out of shot. This time it was the tofu and chicken Chermoula, another new recipe that was delicious but not quite as easy as the Shawarma.

That looks and sounds like a truly spectacular Mezze Legend spread, Sarah! It's so great to hear that you have some favourite staple dishes, and are enjoying discovering new ones too!


Really enjoying the Mezze Legend book, particularly the Mezze section. The Spicery has given me a whole world of delicious breads, and the ones in this book do not disappoint! This houmous is the closest to the deliciously smooth Sabra houmous you can buy in the supermarket and I now just make it rather than buy it. The falafel were a bit of a fail - they just disintergrated in the oil, but perhaps I didn't have it hot enough. Recommend The Spicery to all my friends, most of whom have had Spicery meals when visiting us :-)

That looks like a real Mezze Legend feast, Jude - great job! We're so pleased to hear how much you're loving your Mezze Legend kit, and thanks for sharing the Spicery love with your friends, too!


So excited to finally receive this book now that BBQ season is almost upon us Have loved having the Curry and Taco book whilst waiting thanks guys !

We hope you love using your new Mezze Legend kit, Amanda, and maybe we'll get to see some photos on our Wall of Fame when you do! Happy spicing!


A mezze feast of Chicken Shawarma with Yoghurt dip and our favourite Sinkonta! Happy Mezze Legends

Wow - looks look an amazing Mezze spread! Great job, Charlotte!


Delicious feast from the latest book.

What a feast, Sarah - great job! That's what Mezze is all about: lots and lots of delicious, varied little dishes to dip into!


First try at Mezze including Shish Kebabs, Roast Garlic Humus with toasted pitta, Sumac Onions, Jewelled Couscous, Laffa and Harissa. Delicious!

That's a brilliant Mezze debut, Emily - what a feast, and it all looks amazing in your beautiful patterned tableware!


For our Jubilee Street Party we cooked the Mermez from the Mezze Legend book and the Tagine with Rose Petal Harissa kit. We made them both vegetarian - one with root veg and the other with cauliflower. They both got a ‘platinum’ star from the residents on our street in Gloucester.

It's great to hear everyone really enjoyed these! It sounds like these vegtastic meals were crowned the star of the street party!


So many great dinners from this book! Unofficially cooking our way through it, although the halloumi seems to have been made about five times! Charaimeh, shepherds salad, tsigareli, and some bulgur wheat.

This all looks delicious, Elizabeth - it's great to hear that you're working your way through the book, and we don't blame you for going back to that halloumi recipe time and time again (it's a brilliant one, if we do say so ourselves!). Happy spicing!


Great kit but disappointed the kit now comes in a card box instead of the lovely tin. Kevin

We're pleased to hear how much you love the contents of the kit, Kevin, but sorry for the disappointment with the outer packaging. We can let you in on a secret that we have actually been developing a beautiful new outer tin, so these will be making a return in the late autumn! There will be an option to purchase an empty tin on its own, so that you can transfer the contents from your existing kit. Happy spicing!


This was my first attempt from the Mezze Legend. I was surprised how quick, easy and tasty it was! I think it may quickly become a favourite.

This dish was certainly a firm favourite at Spicery HQ when we were testing the Mezze Legend recipes, often disappearing in a flash! We're so pleased (but not at all surprised) to hear that you loved it too!


A really nice dish to do, so.easy to make meant that we could just set it going and forget. Simple ingredients meant we didn't need to buy anything in and great summer dish with the salad !

Yum - this looks like a perfect, vibrant, summery meal! Great job, Liam, and we're so pleased to hear that you found it nice and simple to make too!


Mezze Legend Moussaka, Turkish bread & salad. Great family meal enjoyed by all. My 2 year old even demolished it!

Every element looks absolutely perfect - amazing job! It's great to hear that this went down a treat with everyone, including your little one!

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