How to be a Mezze Legend Cookbook Kit

4.9/5 from 28 Customers

How to Be a Mezze Legend cookbook kit - 4 bespoke Mezze Legend spice blends in stackable tins and a 240 page cookbook with beautiful colour photos of EVERY recipe!

Create 80+ dishes from around the Middle East and North Africa. Every recipe can be made using a combination of the 4 special Mezze Legend spice blends included. You can mix and match dishes to make a simple mid-week meal or an impressive mezze spread.

Kit Includes:

  • 240 page embossed paperback cookbook (80+ recipes, all with coloured photos)
  • 4 bespoke Legend Blends - 40-60g of each blend (enough to make at least 10 different dishes depending on the recipes!). You can order refills when you run out!
  • 4 refillable and stackable storage tins for your Legend blends
  • A beautiful metal stackable storage tin - perfect for keeping everything together, and presenting the kit as a gift!
  • Gift card with your personal message (don’t forget to leave one at the checkout!)
  • Handy measuring spoon
  • Bookmarks
  • Access to the Legend Club (using the book number inside the back cover) for free extra monthly recipes
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From moussaka to muhammara, baba ganoush to baklava, shawarma to shish - this kit will have you creating your classic favourites, as well as discovering loads of exciting new dishes, using our 4 simple spice blends specially created for this book.

Mix and match all of the dishes to suit you - with this kit, you can create anything from a simple mid-week meal to an elaborate feast complete with dips, salads, kebabs, stews, rice, breads, condiments and desserts... Get ready to transport the heady fragrance, romance and opulence of the souk into your own kitchen - it's going to be Legendary!

Roughly 80% of these recipes are veggie-friendly (either with veg as the main ingredient, or easy to substitute), and most are also adaptable to be vegan!

Kit Includes:

  • The How to be a Mezze Legend 240 page paperback cookbook (80+ recipes, all with coloured photos)
  • 4 bespoke Mezze Legend Blends - 40-60g of each blend (enough to make at least 10 different dishes depending on the recipes!). You can order refills when you run out!
  • 4 stackable and refillable storage tins for your Mezze Legend blends
  • A beautiful metal stackable storage tin - perfect for keeping everything together, and presenting the kit as a gift!
  • Giftcard with your personal message (don’t forget to leave one at the checkout!)
  • Handy measuring spoon
  • Bookmarks
  • Access to the Legend Club (using the book number inside the back cover) for free extra monthly recipes

Click here to read all about our spice travels to research different recipes!

Product Rating (28):


I made a mini mezze spread of grilled halloumi with chilli honey, chermoula baby aubergines and kisir. All of the dishes I made were simple to make and delicious, particularly the halloumi. Can’t wait to try more recipes from the book!

Yep, that halloumi went down a real treat in Spicery HQ when we were developing the recipe! Great job with these dishes, Cassie - they go together perfectly and bring a bit of Mediterranean sunshine to a cold day!


Just to be clear, I’m not reviewing the recipes or spice blends, which look and smell delicious; the recipes themselves look great too and I can’t wait to get stuck in. I’m leaving a 3 star review because I’m pretty disappointed that (a) the book has become a paperback - I much preferred the hardback format of the original books as they stay open better when following the recipes, and (b) the tin is now a cardboard box, which after a few months of use is going to be battered and fall apart! The tin was a lovely touch and made the kits a great gift; I am now very unlikely to buy any of these kits as Christmas presents, which is a real shame, as the curry kits were always very well–received

Thanks for your feedback, Catherine - I'm really sorry to hear that you were disappointed by the new look and packaging of our kits. The reason we changed the book to paperback was so that it would actually stay open more easily, as you can break/bend the spine to hold it open. As for the box, we discovered from customer feedback that many people weren't using their outer tins and were instead asking about how to recycle them. With this in mind, we thought it was better to make the kit a bit che


I need more practice at curling this up - it broke apart when I tried, so not the neatest! But this is really delicious, and looks like it was a lot more work than it actually was. Will definitely be making this again!

It might be that the pastry dried out a bit whilst you were curling it up, but not to worry, as long as it tasted great that's the main thing! Happy spicing!


As usual very easy 1 pot cooking and turns out mezzin nom nom especially using a tagine there quite inexpensive

We're so pleased to hear how much you're enjoying our tagine recipe, Matthew - great job cooking it in a proper tagine, too!


So easy and oh so tasty. first recipe from the new book but most certainly not the last. What a fabulous start

That looks incredibly creamy! We hope you have many more delicious dishes using your Mezze Legend kit!


Easy Hummus was exactly what it said - EASY. Thankyou so much, I will never buy pre-made Hummus again. Very little oil and no preservatives too. What a wonderful book this is. It will be going with some Spinach Borani for a picnic lunch tomorrow. Fab!!!

That hummus looks absolutely perfect - just like the photo! Enjoy your picnic lunch, and we're sure sure you'll be making this Easy Hummus over and over again!


Ten dish Mezze Legend feast for New Year's Even - we even used the sumac blend to infuse our vodka for some 'Sumac Martinis'!

Wow - this looks totally spectacular, Danielle, and now we want to try a Sumak Martini!


We love Mezze legend. I ordered 4 of the tagine spice kits because they are so good, then topped up with extra tagine spice mix. We don’t have take away meals at the weekend anymore - no need when you have curry legend/Mezze legend/ taco legend! Fake away all the way for us!!

Yum - this all looks amazing, Steph. What a great spread! Who needs takeaways when home-cooking is this good?!


We had a Mezze Family FEAST with Falafel, Sumac Onions, Cabbage Slaw, Baba Ganoush, Hummus, Laffa bread, Green Beans, Stifado, Greek Salad, Amba Sauce, and Tahini Sauce. Enjoyed by me and my husband, our 2 girls, Maisy 6, Florence 2, and my Mum and Dad.

Wow - a feast indeed! We're incredibly impressed with the amount of food you've whipped up here, and how delicious it all looks, especially in your gorgeous dishes! Great job, Amy!


My daughters, Florence 2 and Maisy 6, enjoying our Mezze Feast. Falafal, Chicken Shawarma, Merguez, Baba Ganoush and lots of other sides from the Mezze Legend book.

Oh so cute - we're really pleased to hear how much they enjoyed it!


Lamb Shish kebabs, sumac onion salad and cucumber yoghurt. Can’t believe how quick and easy these kebabs were! Tasted amazing!

Yum - the perfect Mezze feast! Great job with those kebabs!


It took a long time to cook but well worth the wait. So very Middle Eastern and simply gorgeous. We have now to decide what to have the second half with tomorrow. Something to look forward to.

That looks delicious, great job! We're glad to hear it was worth the wait and hope you enjoy round 2 just as much!


Red cabbage and the fab recipe (p138). Made some Labneh (p48) to go with it and what a lovely new set of tastes. The red cabbage needed a deal more time than the white would have done but well worth the wait.

Well done for 'raising your game' with this one - that rich red colour is amazing!


Yogurtlu Kebab (p101) + Mujadar (p160) made a great dinner + again tomorrow. the Mujadara was a real find. The Kebab we had eaten before in Turkey. Used Black lentils for the rice and added almonds to the kebab - just so good.

That looks really delicious, great job! We hope the yogurtlu kebab brought back happy memories of your travels to Turkey!


Boiling first was a great idea. Lovely colour and gently soft. Just perfect. I have loved Sumac all my long life since first in Persia many decades ago. This brings it all back.

We love that tangy taste of sumac, too - we're so pleased to hear that our Sumak blend brings back happy memories of your time in Persia!


No Pine nuts in the cupboard so used walnuts and they were great. All very tasty and so easy to make. Definitely will make this again - but there are so many amazing recipes that it is getting hard to choose.

We're really happy to hear that you feel spoilt for choice with all of the delicious recipes in the Mezze Legend kit!


So many great dinners from this book! Unofficially cooking our way through it, although the halloumi seems to have been made about five times! Charaimeh, shepherds salad, tsigareli, and some bulgur wheat.

This all looks delicious, Elizabeth - it's great to hear that you're working your way through the book, and we don't blame you for going back to that halloumi recipe time and time again (it's a brilliant one, if we do say so ourselves!). Happy spicing!


This was my first attempt from the Mezze Legend. I was surprised how quick, easy and tasty it was! I think it may quickly become a favourite.

This dish was certainly a firm favourite at Spicery HQ when we were testing the Mezze Legend recipes, often disappearing in a flash! We're so pleased (but not at all surprised) to hear that you loved it too!


A really nice dish to do, so.easy to make meant that we could just set it going and forget. Simple ingredients meant we didn't need to buy anything in and great summer dish with the salad !

Yum - this looks like a perfect, vibrant, summery meal! Great job, Liam, and we're so pleased to hear that you found it nice and simple to make too!


Mezze Legend Moussaka, Turkish bread & salad. Great family meal enjoyed by all. My 2 year old even demolished it!

Every element looks absolutely perfect - amazing job! It's great to hear that this went down a treat with everyone, including your little one!


From the mezze legend book. Tagine, garlic and chilli pickle, hummus and Turkish bread. The tagine was stunning. The hummus was excellent with the bread and some carrots for dipping and a four person serving lasted a couple of days. The pickle was good and so easy to do. Reeeeaaalllllyyyy enjoyed this meal

This looks fantastic, Sharon - a beautifully presented Mezze Legend feast! We're so happy to hear how much you enjoyed it all!


Everyone at home enjoys this one. Tasty without being chilli hot. Served with mujadara

Looks great, Laura - we're pleased to hear that this dish goes down a treat in your house!


Not the best picture, but I need to tell you all just how tasty & authentic the Moussaka recipe is! Its been added to the favourites list

We think it's a great picture! Looks like a delicious spread, Jessica - and we're so pleased to hear how much you loved the moussaka!


Great laffa!

They looks delicious, Santiago - great job!


This was really tasty and went exceptionally well with the Tagine!

That vibrant red colour is beautiful! Great to hear that this paired well with your tagine!


Think you know moussaka? Think again! This version is EPIC. Add a salad... glass of red wine...bliss.

The crispy topping on that moussaka looks so golden and delicious - great job, Phill! We're so happy to hear that you loved our moussaka recipe!


Homemade gyros with chicken shawarma, yoghurt sauce and easy hummus, a delicious Monday night feast!

This looks delicious, Izzy - a great way to brighten up a Monday! Happy spicing!


Slow cook Sunday - This recipe was so easy and meant we could have a relaxing afternoon with a yummy dinner.

There's nothing better than coming back to a dinner that's cooked itself! We hope you enjoyed the tagine, and a lovely relaxing Sunday afternoon!

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