How to be a Taco Legend Cookbook Kit

4.8/5 from 23 Customers

The first TACO LEGEND cookbook kit! Four unique new Mexican spice blends and a 240 page embossed paperback cookbook to make a spectacular range of tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas and much more....

For this new book we've taken 20 different Mexican spices (including 8 different Mexican chillies), then roasted, ground and blended them to create the 4 special Taco Legend blends. Used in various combinations with the recipes in the Taco Legend cookbook they make it really easy to cook a huge range of classic Mexican dishes. 

From Tacos to Tortas, Carnitas to Calbacitas, this is our brand new bible of spectacular Mexican cooking using only 4 spice blends and simple, easy to source fresh ingredients.

Mix and match all the dishes to suit - with this book you can create anything from an ultra-simple midweek burrito, to a stunning taco feast with tortillas, rice, beans, salsas and more. 

The Taco Legend cookbook will also include recipes for delicious starters, guisados (favourite stews such as chillis and moles) as well as a selection of desserts, so it's incredibly easy to knock up anything from quick chilli beef nachos for a TV snack, to a full 3 course menu with homemade tortillas and an array of fresh colourful and delicious salsas.

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  •    The new 'How to be a Taco Legend' 240 page embossed paperback cookbook with over 80 new recipes
  •     All 4 Taco Legend blends in individual stackable storage tins (20-50g of each blend - enough to make at least 10 different dishes depending on the recipes!)
  •     Measuring spoon
  •     Bookmark
  •     Gift card with your personal message (don’t forget to leave one at the checkout!)
  •     Access to the Taco Legend Club (using the book number on the inside of the back cover) to get free extra recipes, share photos and more

Read all about our research trips to Mexico on the travel blog here.

Product Rating (23):


Chilli con carne. Deeelisssh.

Charlotte Knowles View More

A classic! Looks fab!


I was very impressed by the recipes its going to be difficult choosing which ones to try first. This pack exceeded my expectations and I can confirm its absolutely worth the money!!!. Thank you for making my day

Mark Smith View More

That's brilliant! We are hoping to see your creations on the Wall of Fame!


Our first taco legend night was a huge success

Daniel Lomas View More

That's brilliant! We are hoping to see your creations on the Wall of Fame!


Got the Taco Legend book yesterday, it’s easy to follow and has infinite combinations for meals. Tried few recipes (Arroz Verde, Chicken Fajitas & Salsa Mexicano in the picture) and they are absolutely delish. Shame it’s only paperback.

Neha Twite View More

That's great to see that you've got stuck in! We changed them to paperbacks as the pages in the hardbacks wouldn't easily stay open - I hope you find this one easier to use!


Spices are very well blended, can't expect anything less from the Spicery as that's what they do best in my opinion. This is a brief review of the new "How To Be A Taco Legend" Cookbook set. The recipes are nice, very authentic, very educated and well written. The layout of the book is lacklustre. For a cookbook set this way, surely the first chapter would be all the different tortillas & how to turn these into nachos first of all, as it is the basis for so many dishes. The recipes are also never linked to the recommended tortilla recipe of which is assumed to of been made for a lot of the recipes. For that 1 star is deducted. The second missing star is because of the quality of cookbook, I've bought every single one of The spicery cookbooks, and they generally are of a brilliant quality all the way down to the materials used in the creation of the book, this one in particular felt different. the embossing on the front is so minor it felt like save the money on that and spend it on a thicker cover to protect the book, as unfortunately in such a small amount of time the whole book has warped. Other than those points, the book and spices are great, I do wish they pumped the price up £5 more to include the lovely tin from the curry one, as it would really make this set. The recipes are brilliant and you have a great team writing them. I would give this 3.5 / 5 but there wasn't an option. Good luck for the next recipes!

Doug Grigg View More

Thanks so much for taking the time to review our new Taco Legend book, Doug! So, the idea is that you can use any type of tortilla that you like the best with any fillings and condiments etc - there are no hard and fast rules as to what goes with what - play around with it and see what you like the best! As for the book itself, we chose to change it to a paperback as the hardbacks were proving difficult to keep open when using them - these new books will stay open making cooking whilst read


I cooked albondigas with arroz verde, esquires and a salad. I only gave me a score of 4 as I didn’t have enough coriander, but the meal was still very good. The meatballs were light and full of flavour

Ruth Breese View More

That looks fab! Nice work!


Turkey Manchamanteles Mole from Taco Legend book was so tasty!!

Catherine Morrison View More

Nice! Happy spicing!


Essential Carnitas, Suadero, Chilli Con Carne, Salsa Mexicana, Guacamole, Sonoran Beans, Soured Cream, Nachos, Tacos & Wraps First new from the new How To Be A Taco Legend book and wow it lived up to expectations.

Andrew Leggott View More

WOW! What a spread - great job!


Another hit from The Spicery, received this week and cooked our first Taco feast last night - it was delicious! Really like the mix & match nature of the recipes and they were easy to make, the spice blends are flavoursome and its easy to adjust the heat of the dishes. Looking forward to working my way through the rest of the book but so far it certainly seems to be on par with the excellent Curry Legend kit. Very happy :-)

Tim Evans View More

That's brilliant - we look forward to seeing your creations on the Wall of Fame!


So easy to make and so tasty. Full of colour and flavour. Can’t wait to try more recipes.

Jo Waller View More

Beautiful, Jo!


Easy to make, really really tasty. Can’t wait to make more from this book

Jo Waller View More

Keep 'em coming!


The sides and salsas are incredible. So fresh and tasty and really easy to make.

Jo Waller View More

Yum! Happy spicing!


First foray into the Taco Legend book but very happy, recipes look really easy and tasty as the three tacos in the photo would attest.

Andrew Daykin View More

Great job!


Received my book last week and have been diving in. Love the recipes in the book and the spice blends are great. There are a lot of recipes that rate three chillies or less which is great if you are cooking for folks who aren't keen on hot spicy food. Now to buy a Taco press and other extras! I haven't given it 5 stars as the physical quality of the kit is not produced to as high a standard as the Curry Legend kits. The books are paper back, the tin has been replaced with a cardboard box and the opening and closing of the spice jars does not seem as good. The price is the same though!

Diane Webb View More

Thanks for your review! We opted for paperbacks this time round as we found that the hardbacks wouldn't stay open so this was making them hard to use. It was also fed back to us that the tins weren't being used for storage so we thought we would make it a bit cheaper and send them in cardboard presentation boxes instead. I'm so pleased to hear you like the look of the recipes though - look forward to seeing some of your creations on the Wall of Fame!


Another incredible kit from The Spicery. I've now made six of the recipes and every one was excellent. I had no idea pickled jalapenos were so easy - and spicy, given that the chillies I used were mild. The spices are really well put together, aromatic and vibrant. There is a real range in the recipes - from simple, quick dishes to the significantly more complex: so like Curry Legend, there is an opportunity to make something that requires relatively little effort or to do a full-on epic meal, from taco fillings to stews. The inclusion of desserts is a nice touch. The style of the salsas and advice on how to make them easily is especially welcome. I made the roasted tomato salsa, which turned out very well indeed, with deep smoky flavours. Similarly to Curry Legend, the recipes invite customisation and are very adaptable: I used cooking chorizo for Chorizo Picante, rather than sausage meat, and simply halved the spices which worked really well. After the success of Curry Legend, I've been searching for a similar product for Mexican food - I'm very pleased that The Spicery has made Taco Legend and it is as good as I had hoped it would be. Well worth the wait! Keep up the good work.

Kate Limond View More

Thanks for your wonderful review- it's great to hear that you're enjoying the recipes and we look forward to seeing your creations on our Wall of Fame! Happy spicing!


We made the chicken tinga, red rice and raisin salsa. Oh boy, it was an absolute treat. Its all over our hands, faces and cat but we don’t care because it tastes so good (cat is fine, just got dripped on). This book is wonderful!

Sophie Clayton View More

Wow what a treat! Ha, glad the cat is okay- it sounds like this was a truly legendary meal!


My 12 year old daughter cooked us Chicken Adobo with Charro Beans and Salsa Mexicana- the first recipes we have tried from Taco Legend. We give it a 5 star rating - every bit as delicious as Curry Legend Recipes . Hurrah for Taco Tuesday!

Emma Mussert View More

Wow what a treat! Ha, glad the cat is okay- it sounds like this was a truly legendary meal!


Dishes from taco legend. Chicken Mole Rosa, Arroz Verde, Sonoran Beans, pickled cabbage, Chipotle Pineapple Salsa and Pico de Gallo. Divine!

John Pilling View More

Wow everything looks delicious, we wish we could try some!


Not sure if it has loaded it all in the photo but I made tequila beer pork belly carnitas, chicken and chorizo tinga, taco arabes, elote, tortillas, guacamole, salsa, chipotle salsa, charred pineapple salsa, cebollas curtidas, garlic and herb mayocrema and spicy chips. Mostly from the new taco book! It was amazing and the flavours were gorgeous, would definitely recommend!

Chelsea Walker View More

WOW!!! Happy spicing!


Essential Chicken Adobo with Guacamole. Delish with added cheese and refried beans and yoghurt. First recipe out if the Taco Recipe book!! Can't wait to try others

Ally French View More

WOW!!! Happy spicing!


Al Pastor with Avocado Salsa and Cebollas Curtidas. Our first recipe from the new book “How to be a Taco Legend” great tasting taco with bursts of sweetness with the pork and pineapple. Yummy accompaniments and really easy to make. Clean plates all round we will definitely be adding this to our repotoire. Can’t wait to try more recipes from the book.

Alice Divall View More

Great job, Alice! Happy spicing!


Our first taco feast! Chicken tinga, pork pibil and too many salsas to count. All utterly delicious!

Katy Moore View More

Amazing job, Katy! Happy spicing!


Pork Carnitas with Salsa Verde and Onion Salsa - Amazing flavour we used beer to braise they pork belly. Salsa verde teamed really well with the pork. Friday night used to be takeaway night but now it’s definitely a night to try new Spicery recipes.

Alice Divall View More

Woah that's a serious raise your game using beer to braise the pork belly, brilliant! We look forward to seeing your future fantastic Friday creations!

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