Pickled Pear Spices

Pickled Pear Spices

Sorry this item is currently out of stock
Sorry this item is currently out of stock
  • These aromatic, spicy pickled pears keep for ages and make wonderful homemade gifts!
  • Ingredients: Ginger, bay, allspice, juniper, pink pepper, black pepper, piquin chilli, yellow MUSTARD. May contain traces of celery and sesame
  • Contains 1 portion (1 tbsp) - makes 2 large jars
  • Download the colourful recipe card below


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These aromatic, spicy pickled pears keep for ages and make wonderful homemade gifts. Allspice, peppercorns and juniper - best known for the primary flavouring in gin - add a wonderfully distinctive flavour and fragrance to the pears, while the kick from the chilli balances out their sweetness. These pickled treats can be eaten cold with a selection of cold cut meats, or warmed and served with rich game or goose. 

PICKLED PEAR SPICES (1 portion = 1 tbsp): Ginger, bay, allspice, juniper, pink pepper, black pepper, piquin chilli, yellow MUSTARD

Allergens are listed in CAPITALS. May contain traces of celery and sesame


Pickled Pear Recipe:

PREP: 10 mins
COOK: 30 mins
MAKES: 2 large jars

You need:

8 small pears (conference are best) - peeled, halved and cored
½ lemon - thinly sliced
600ml vinegar (white wine or cider vinegar is best)
300g caster sugar
1 portion of PICKLED PEAR SPICES (1 portion = 1 tbsp)


Preheat the oven to 100°C/gas mark ¼
Wash 2 large jars and their lids in hot soapy water, rinse, then place in the oven for 5-10 minutes or until dry to sterilise them
Boil the vinegar, sugar, lemon and PICKLED PEAR SPICES for 5 minutes or until the sugar has dissolved
Add the pears then simmer for 20 minutes or until they’re softened and slightly translucent
Layer the pears in the sterilised jars then pour over the hot vinegar mixture, including all the spices
Leave to mature for at least a couple of weeks before eating them
The pickled pears should keep for several months

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Product Rating (2):


I bought these spices last Christmas and served pickled pears with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on boxing day every body was blown away with the combination it really goes well. It also makes a very good starter with out the scrambled eggs. It last well in the fridge if it gets that far. !!!!!!!!!!!! MARGARET

Thank you for your great feedback Margaret! That sounds absolutely delicious and we're happy to hear everybody enjoyed it!


Very nice subtle flavour and a great way of using up pears if you have a pear tree. The Pickled Pears kept for months in the jars, until I remembered I’d made them. Once we started eating them they were all gone! I will be making more this year.

Great to hear how much you love the aromatic festive flavour of our pickled pear spices, John!

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