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To produce the Curry Legend recipes, we've created 4 very special spice blends that form the essential elements you need to become a bona fide Curry Legend. These blends are the only spices you need to make EVERY RECIPE in all our Curry Legend cookbooks!

By using them in different proportions you're able to create all kinds of subtle variations in flavour, colour, fragrance and heat - making everything from a Korma to a Vindaloo using the same 4 spices blends! The blends are made from 18 different individual spices that are all important in Indian cooking, but when blended like this are really convenient to use, and also make it possible to create an infinitely greater range of authentic flavours than you'd be able to achieve with just curry powder and garam masala. Our blends enable cooks to authentically recreate curries at home, and that's something we're really proud of!

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Curry Legend Blends

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Curry Legend Stackable Storage Tins

Curry Legend Stackable Storage Tins

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Methi Blend

Methi Blend Refill

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Jeera Blend Refill

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