Friday Night Curry Discoverer Subscription

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Discover the greatest curries you'll ever make!!

Based on the legendary curry club held on a Friday night by the Spicery's founder James, this is the subscription that'll have you discovering unusual flavours from exotic places. 

Using fragrant blends such as Ethiopian berbere, nutty Bengaladeshi panch phoran or toasty Maharashtrian goda masala, create authentic curries from the comfort of your own kitchen, sampling curries from the Caribbean, South-East Asia, all corners of the Indian subcontinent and further afield. 

Contains all the fresh spices and recipe cards you need to create delicious curries plus sensational side dishes to impress your family and friends!


You get:

  • First access to all new spiceboxes
  • Collectable, laminated recipe cards
  • An account - to swap, delay & set your frequency
  • ...

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The simplest way to get great recipes delivered every month!

You'll get immediate access to manage and customise your subscription, delay your deliveries and easily cancel if you want to!

Your boxes will be sent out on the 27th of this month

For just £8.00 per month:


Prepay for 3, 6 or 12 months, select a delivery date for the first box and add your own personal message!

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From: £24.00

How it Works

1. Give

Send to yourself to give in person or post directly to them - just pick from 3, 6 or 12 months. The 1st box includes your personal message, a welcome pack and a voucher!

2. Redeem

Redeem the voucher enclosed in the 1st box to receive the remaining boxes directly through the recipient’s letterbox at the end of each month

3. Enjoy!

Discover, cook and share fantastic food from around the world. See what’s coming up each month and swap between them, pause for a month if you’re going away or even add more boxes if you can’t resist!

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Customer Reviews


Loved it! Easy to follow tasted amazing

17th August 2018 - See full review

Brilliant. Great value for money.

24th July 2018 - See full review

Great stuff thank you :))

22nd June 2018 - See full review

Really simple to navigate & chose which pack to purchase. Went with the Friday night curry and have made two out of our three packs so far. The recipe cards are really clear, easy to follow and make a potentially daunting cooking session really enjoyable. The end result is delicious and authentic. Easy to delay a month f you don't fancy the recipes that month. Coming to our last month now and already looking for our next subscription.

Joanne Johnston - 22nd March 2018 - See full review


Very tasty and a new adventure for me

Mark Cheesley - 27th February 2018 - See full review


Dad said that the spices weren't as potent as he had expected. We had the same issue in one box that we had too recently. Could have been more flavoursome.

26th February 2018 - See full review

I have just purchased again from them for our neighbour's birthday. Great quality and great service.

Marilyn Woodthorpe - 23rd February 2018 - See full review


I haven’t used it yet but I am sure it will be great

Sally Owen - 21st February 2018 - See full review


Tasty and New Fantastic way to cook and a really innovative present Food was really nice and we enjoyed discovering new foods.

31st January 2018 - See full review

What a wonderful idea....great tastes, and great flexibility....

20th January 2018 - See full review

Great product and super tasty curry

Gail Tuson - 17th January 2018 - See full review


It is a great product and I love the variety:-)

9th January 2018 - See full review

It’s a 6 month subscription and you ask for feedback in the 1st month!

31st December 2017 - See full review

Simple, exotic and practical. As a gift, if I get a good curry in return, it will prove to be a double winner. NB - Recipients very happy with gift and its presentation.

30th December 2017 - See full review

Can’t fault it. We have been customers for 4/5 years

Malcolm Booker - 29th December 2017 - See full review


Brilliant gift! Can't wait to get started. Love the variety of world tastes on offer.

28th December 2017 - See full review

As the previous comment above

Chris And Nicky Arthur - 28th December 2017 - See full review


Fun to cook Easy to follow instruction Fabulous to eat

Heather Mayes - 27th December 2017 - See full review


It is a gift but it looks lovely and tasty

22nd December 2017 - See full review

Nicely presented but not used yet as it was bought for a Xmas present

18th December 2017 - See full review

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