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Strictly speaking, tagine is the name for the unique conical cooking pot used in Morocco but it’s become known as the generic name for a gently spiced slow-cooked stew often sweetened with dried fruit or honey. The balance between the sweetness of the fruits or honey and fragrance of the spices is a key element of refined Moroccan cooking and here the mix includes coriander, paprika, allspice, cassia and cardamon.

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Strictly speaking, tagine is the name for the unique conical cooking pot used in Morocco but it’s become known as the generic name for a gently spiced slow-cooked stew often sweetened with dried fruit or honey. The balance between the sweetness of the fruits or honey and fragrance of the spices is a key element of refined Moroccan cooking and here the mix includes coriander, paprika, allspice, cassia and cardamon.

USES: Obviously great for tagines, but also try on roasted veg!

INGREDIENTS: Allspice, cardamon, cassia, coriander, paprika, turmeric, chilli flakes

Allergens are listed in CAPITALS. May contain traces of celery, sesame and mustard

1 portion = 2 tbsp


You Need:
600g diced lamb or chicken or root veg - cut into large chunks
1 large onion - thinly sliced
4 cloves garlic - finely chopped
1 carrot - peeled and thickly sliced
400g tin chopped tomatoes
A handful of dried fruit - raisins, dates or apricots or use 1 tbsp honey if you prefer
Rice or cous cous to serve

1) Fry the lamb, onion, garlic and carrot in 2 tbsp oil for 10 minutes or until the onion is soft and the lamb is just beginning to brown around the edges
2) Stir in the TAGINE SPICES, 1 tsp salt, tomatoes, the dried fruit and 200ml water then cover and simmer for 50 minutes or until the sauce is rich and thick (chicken will take a bit less time)
3) Cook the rice or cous cous now
4) Serve the tagine with rice or cous cous on the side

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Product Rating (18):


Had a girls night in last night and used the free tagine blend sample in my recently received spice box to create this amazing dish. Presenting kofta tagine (vegetarian) with couscous and chickpea salad. The spices were harmoniously balanced and the tagine was gorgeous! I can't wait to eat my leftovers today

Looks amazing - thanks for sharing!


Made this with the free sample included with the introductory kit. Really simple recipe and tastes incredible. Thanks so much.

Thanks for sharing, so happy to hear you enjoyed it! Looking forward to seeing more of your Spicery creations!


I received this spice mix in my very first box as a free sample. I followed the Moroccan Tagine recipe card and chose to use chicken instead of lamb in the dish and I served it with couscous. It was super easy and totally delicious. Left-overs for lunch have never been so exciting!

This looks scrumptious- that's great you had some left over for lunch too, thanks for sharing and happy spicing!


I made a lamb tagine with the free sample that came and it was delicious! For the sweetness I added sultanas which went with the lamb really well. We were given a 3 month subscription for Xmas so I'm really looking forward to trying out all the other recipes that come! Thank-you!

Cooked by Elaine Rush actually!!! But Martin enjoyed eating it! lol


Oh wow, this blend is so good! This is hands down the best tagine blend I have ever used. Your recipe card was easy to follow and helped produce a delicious and authentic lamb tagine.

So glad you enjoyed the tagine, it's one of our favourites here too and makes a really nice veggie/vegan version as well!


This was the extra spice sachet in my first box, it was for a tagine which I’ve never made before. Made it with quorn chicken pieces, courgette, carrots and added apricots and sultanas as the sweet options. Served it with cous cous- it was delicious!!!

Amazing, nice one Caroline!


I was quite impressed with this freebie! I made a sweet tasting curry, with again, a burst of flavours. My first time using dried fruit in a curry. Will certainly do so again! Very easy to make too.

Really pleased you enjoyed it!


So delicious and fragrant! Yum !!

Wow, that is an impressive rice dome! Happy spicing!


The Moroccan Tagine recipe was super easy to follow & cook. The result was a delicious dinner we will definitely look to recreate again.

Great news, Jill! Happy spicing!


Finally got to put our tagine to good use! We received the Lamb Tagine recipe as a freebie with our first subscription - it did not disappoint! So simple, but so delicious! Looking forward to leftovers tomorrow!!

Looks delicious and we love the beautiful tagine, brilliant!


Amazing set of tagine spices! I was very excited to receive a free sample with my spice box and decided to cook up a lamb and apricot tagine. It was easy to make and used only one pan (plus one for rice- if you choose). It was absolutely delicious!

Looks delicious and only a couple of pans to wash up- it's a win-win all round!


Really easy to make and very tasty. A nice bonus in our spice box!

Glad you enjoyed this terrific Tagine!


Oops, it’s all gone! Deliciously warming and we went all out on a Greek style feast with halloumi, falafels and home made pitta. Added extra dried apricots and went with lamb - a great flavour together.

YUM sounds like it was a delicious feast!


Lovely spices. Poplar with all, even fussy 9 year-old !

Wow this looks like a terrific Tagine, glad everyone enjoyed this!


This is the best tagine spice mix I have ever tried.

Thanks for your wonderful feedback- this Tagine looks terrific!


I tried the free sample and would have rated 5 stars. We loved it so much. The smell, the flavour... But I am now very confused because I then ordered more (a 3 portion pack) and the experience was completely different. Is it the exact same blend as the free sample?? I have just used it (2 tablespoons as recommended) with a different meat and the smell was nowhere near the level it was last time and same with the flavour. Still nice but not what I expected after the free sample.

We're sorry to hear that you found your latest Tagine spices to be different to the free sample - these would have been exactly the same blends, so this is a bit of a mystery I'm afraid! If you drop us an email at hello@thespicery.com we can arrange to send you another sachet!


Fantastic Tagine, so much flavour served with lemon & coriander cous cous

Great to hear how much you loved this flavourful tagine, Christopher!


Since receiving a Tagine as a present I have been making a lot of tagines. I have used "One Pot Tagine", "Moroccan Tagine with Rose Petal Harissa" and also "Tagine Spices" from the Spicestore section. They are all equally brilliant. As I now have a Mezze Legend cookbook kit, my next tagine will be from it. I can't wait!

It's such a simple yet satisfying meal for those chilly nights - we're not surprised (but still very pleased to hear!) that this dish has become a staple for you - and how lovely to be able to cook it in a proper tagine, too! We hope you love the Mezze Legend version just as much!

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