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Learn how to knock up incredible curries and side dishes at home with our new Curry Legend cookbooks, workshops and 4 very special Curry Legend blends.

The idea is a result of many customers asking for a simpler product than our existing subscription boxes that they could use on a weeknight, and that would also give the flexibility to be easily adapted to their own tastes and ingredients. We've distilled over 12 years of epic curry-making knowledge into these simple recipes, all designed to be achievable with a minimum of fuss, time and ingredients.

Armed with the Curry Legend cookbooks and just the 4 special Curry Legend blends, you’ll be able to easily cook hundreds of different curries at home, and wow friends and family with your curry-making prowess!

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Curry Legend World Curries

Our newest addition to the Curry Legend series of cookbooks, the Curry Legend World Curries is now available to pre-order! Click here to find out more

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